Week One at MTC

Date: March 13, 2014

Where: Provo MTC

Companion: Urling Shimai


This week has been so crazy! All of my classes are still in Japanese but we are slowly learning. We taught our investigator, Murakami san four times this week. One thing I have learned about the Japanese people is that they have no idea who God is. You have to spend several lessons just telling them who he is and that he loves them to get them to understand a little. We have to do our lessons in all nihongo and murakami san “doesn’t know english.” Yesterday I was telling him that Thomas S. Monson is our current Prophet and I accidentally said that Thomas S. Monson goes to church not leads the church, he laughed at us haha Last week I also told him that Heavenly Father was bad but we got both of those cleared up. Today instead of just writing a bunch of sentences to say we are taking a list of words and going to make the sentences as we go. On Sunday we pretty much has church all day. During our little bit of free time, I got to practice the violin for a special musical number. It was really cool to be able to play again, I am going to be playing abide with me; tis eventide.
In my district there are 8 missionaries including me. We have 4 Shimai and 4 Choro. My companion is Sister Urling and she is from Idaho Falls, she is a lot taller than me so we look kinda funny together 🙂 The other two shimai are Doi shimai and Stevenson shimai, they are both from Utah. Three Choro are from Brazil, Schimel choro, Valante choro, and Trajano choro. The other Choro is Nelson choro and he is from Boise. We all get along really well 🙂
Thompson Shimai
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