MTC Week Three

Date: March 27, 2014

Where: Provo MTC

Companion: Urling Shimai

This week has been really amazing 🙂 Urling Shimai and I taught O Kyodai yesterday and we asked him to be baptized 🙂 it was super cool. He said that he has the desire but doesn’t think he knows enough about baptism yet. We are going to teach him more about it tomorrow. It was really funny when we taught him on Saturday we taught the plan of salvation and we drew a picture of it. When Urling Shimai drew the Earth she drew Nihon really small and he kept trying to tell us it looked like Cuba but we thought he was trying to tell us he had lived in Cuba haha. On Monday all of our Dai Sempai left and it was really sad even though we were only together for 3 weeks.

In our district we started a new goal that we only speak nihongo at breakfast. Its really quiet haha but we are learning fast. One of our sensei’s said that we already know more nihongo that he did before he left the MTC in 12 weeks. I feel like I am learning so much!

Watashiwa Kyokai o shinjiru ni akashi desu.


Thompson Shimai

This is some of the information she sent us in our personal emails.

I got an MTC sweatshirt today and it is the fuzziest Jacket I have ever worn. It’s really weird talking to other people who don’t understand because I hardly ever speak all eigo(English. I haven’t been sick, our district has been really healthy. We are really good friends, we are with each other, the Chorotachi and Shimaitachi for about 14 hours everyday. In our zone we aren’t getting any kohai until our sempai leave in three weeks. So Schmeil Choro is in my district and we were talking about what we did before the mission and he has pictures in Vogue magazine and he went to photography school in New York and is going to be going to design school there when he gets back. He said tha if you search for Vogue and Henrique Schmeil you can find the pictures.So satsui and satsue are really close right? Well when Schmeil Choro told us he does photography he accidently said he likes to murder people, not photography! Hahaha. I know why Heavenly Father had me in primary, cause our teacher asked if any of us had been in there and taught a lesson and told us that that is the way we have to talk to the nihonji because they have no idea who kamisama – God- is. They don’t know anything about Christianity. So desu. I study nihongo for about 8 hours a day now. I think that I am getting really good. Nelson Choro and I are the ones everyone asks questions to when we don’t have a sensei.Nelso Choro took two years of High School Japanese just like me.

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