MTC Week Four

Konnichiwa 🙂
This week has been really good 🙂 We have been teaching one of our investigators – O kyodai- about baptism a few times and we are hoping to have him be baptized late April. It is really fun to teach the investigators about the church, even though it is just acting for them in the MTC. We are going to ask our other investigator – Shibata san – to be baptized this week.

On Sunday we had an amazing devotional! David Archuleta came and said his testimony and sang for us. He said that he had just given his homecoming talk that morning. It was so cool and really spiritual. He told us about how he had a prompting to talk to a girl and invite her to church but didn’t want to because she had a bunch of piercings and such. But he did and she was baptized eventually. He told us don’t judge the people, God knows his children better than we do.

We have been hearing that there are so many baptisms happening in Nihon now. On of my sensei’s said that we have been planting seeds for long enough, it is now the Lord’s time to harvest. We also had a talk given on Tuesday at Devotional and they said that if we don’t think we will have success in the field, then we won’t. I am so excited to go to Nihon. I still have a while left at the MTC and lots more to learn but I am really excited to go.

Fast Sunday was really cool this week too because we have such a small zone, everyone was able to bear their testimony during sacrament meeting. We got to have Shrimp and steak for dinner that night and we ate so much haha Valente Choro ate 8 plates of shrimp!

Aubrees notes to us.

One funny thing that happened this week was that on Fast Sunday we had a lot of Personal Study so we were taking a break and decided to play a game. We took post-it notes and had to write something gospel related on it and we put it on someone’s forehead and they have to guess what they are. In the middle of it our Branch President comes in and Urling Shimai and I are closest to the door and we were like we’re doing a gospel related game. Guess what was on our post-it notes? Mine said Horse and Her’s said Rock hahaha it was really funny 🙂 Hahaha I don’t know where they were going with it. I just wrote Nephi on the one I made.

We didn’t have to say out testimonies in Japanese if we couldn’t express ourselves all the way so I did Eigo cause I quoted two scriptues and I don’t know them in Nihongo.

So remember how my skin is really dry? I got a giant bloody nose on Monday and it would not stop so the Chorotachi gave me a blessing. Schmeil Choro gave it this time. It lasted a whole hour. We had to get tissue paper and coat it in Vaseline and stick it up my nose. I was busy pinching my nose so the district just took turns putting it in my nose. hahaha Could you send some good lotion? I have the udder balm but it isn’t working good enough even though I put it on a lot.

My district says thank you for the candy! You can send any hard candy, we aren’t allowed anything else in the classroom. The starbursts were gone in a day. Hahaha The Skittles are good, We still have a lot of those.

My face hasn’t been too dry which is weird. When Jaden goes on his mission make sure he breaks in his shoes. My feet are getting used to them, I have calluses on the back of my ankle from wearing flats all day. We get to pray without our shoes though we becasue we kneel like Nihonjin.

We don’t get any new senkyoshi [new missionaries] until April 23rd.

I want you to have your baby. (Aubree’s sister Ashlynn is expecting a baby April 8, 2014) We were planning on talking to our investigator today about your baby but we can’t now. haha

Make sure you watch conference live this weekend because then we are watching it at the same time 🙂
I didn’t get to watch the women’s conference yet, we watch it while the chorotachi [elders] are in priesthood on Saturday.

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