Mail we recieved from Aubree April 6, 2014

Yesterday we watched the first two sessions of General Conference and the General Conference for Women. In the second session when Russell M. Nelson was talking about the woman on the plane who was scared, I thought it was funny because it reminded me of mommy. I thought it was really cool that he said, Faith is the antidote for fear. Another thing that I thought was cool was how many of the talks said that we need to rea the scriptures more and it will be for our protection. I have been reading the scriptures more here and I can tell such a difference in my life. I need to be better in the way that I study them but even just reading better even just reading is better. I loved in Linda S. Reeves talk how she said the only thing that needs done in the home is family prayer and scripture reading, and family home evening. I know that our family has done these off and on but I know you will be blessed if you do these. Its really interesting that the longer I study Nihongo, the more logical it seems. We still say funny things. Can you send me a picture of my baptism with our family. I want to show our investigator. Also can you send me the Ensign? I just got back from Sunday devotional and it was Vocal Point! We got to meet them after, back stage because Trajano Choro was friends with one of them. You should check Trevor Johnsons instaram. He is a member of the group and we took pictures on his IPhone so he said he would tag us as #JapanMissionaries. It was super cool  I told Urling Shimai that Heavenly Father must love us because we got to see David Archuleta and Vocal Point, and on Easter one of the Quorum of the Twelve or the First Presidency will talk.
Here are the pictures we sent of Aubree’s Baptism, and the picture we found of her and Vocal Point.
Aubree Baptism
Aubree Baptism Aubree Vocal Point

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