April 13, 2014 Letter From Aubree

This week has been really awesome! Yesterday we taught Shibot Kyodai about how to know that it is the Spirit he is feeling and not just his own thoughts. We had him read Moroni 7:13 it says that all good things are from God. Then we had him pray with us about baptism. He said an amazing prayer, the Spirit was really strong. At first he told us that he would think about it but he wanted to be baptized, it was just too soon. Then we read Mosiah 18:8-10, which says that if you have the desire to be baptized just do it. Then he told us that even though he thought it might be too fast he would be baptized! It was such an amazing lesson. He is going to be baptized on the 26th of April. Even though it isn’t a real investigator, it feels real when we teach them and when we prepare for them. My district want me to play a violin solo this next Sunday, could you overnight ship me a copy of the violin solo “If you could Hie to Kolab”. It is two pages, it’s the one I played at grandma and grandpa Thompsons farewell. It starts with just the main melody and then adds to it after 2 or 3 lines. You can check it by playing it on the piano a little bit. There isn’t a piano part. It might be in my violin case, on the window sill, or on my music stand, I’m not really sure ( we found it and emailed it to her, she was able to print it out). We found out today that we are getting Kohai! That means NEW MISSIONARIES in our sore [area]. We are super excited, there are 10, 6 Choro, and 4 Shimai. Urling Shimai and I are the Sister Training Leaders so we get to talk and interview them on their first night here. I am really excited to be able to help them.
On Saturday I got the pictures and I was really happy, Annika is super cute. I was really surprised that she has a lot of hair! I’m glad to know that Ashlynn and Annika are doing well.
For devotional tonight the BYU Men’s Choir came and sang. It was really awesome to have a whole choir come. I’ve missed listening to choir concerts. It was really cool because they didn’t just sing hymns. They sang some Latin songs, African songs, Lean on Me, and Your Raise me Up. I hadn’t felt, or know that I felt, the Spirit when I listen to music other than hymns before. This week I have felt that I know the Holy Ghost so much more than ever before. Everything that inviteth to do good is from God. One of my teachers told us that even when we are doing Nihongo Benkyo (Japanese study) and we finally understand the bumpo (grammar), it is just the Spirit whispering to un and helping us. I know that without Heavenly Father ther is no way I could know Nihongo as well as I do. I have felt my testimony grow so much. Today Schmeil Choro and Trajano Choro taught our district meeting about recognizing the Spirit. We ned to get up every day and pray immediately that we might have the Spirit to be with us. We must be willing to act on any and all promptings. I’m trying to gain more confidence in myself. Even though I am not always sure of myself I am always sure of God. When we put all our faith in God and do all he asks, he will bless us more than we can imagine.

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