MTC Week Five

This week went by super fast! It was so amazing to have general conference while at the MTC. I loved all of the speakers. One of the things that I noticed kept popping up was the topic of obedience. Then on our Tuesday devotional they talked about obedience again. It seems like such a simple topic: Heavenly Father asks you to do something, you do it, and you are blesses. But it is hard to follow everything without knowing the reason why. We as a district have been trying to have exact obedience and to not question it. I already have seen many blessings in my life.
For the Sunday night devotional BYU Vocal Point came and sang and gave a spiritual message. It was really cool because they sang my favorite song by them: Nearer my God to Thee. If you haven’t heard it before I recommend it. After the devotional we got to meet some of them members because Trajano Choro is friends with one of them.

We have some Nihonjin at the MTC right now and we have class in the same building and we have gym time together. They are so cute I can’t stand it haha I didn’t know I could feel so much love for people I don’t even know. Every time I see them I just feel love for them. I talked to one of the Shimai and we had an actual conversation in Nihongo. It was really cool, we talked about instruments we play, she playes the clarinet.

Our Nihongo is getting a lot better. We have learned almost all of the grammar principals in our book(miyagi-san). When we were doing practice sentences yesterday, I was practicing with Schmeil choro and our favorite way is to do anata no okasan(your mom) jokes and it is 10 times funnier in Nihongo.

The chorotachi in our district are the best chorotachi ever. We have been talking about the musical number we will preform on our last week here and we want to do one verse in English, one in Portuguese, and two in Nihongo. So today they went and got all the shimaitachi mini Portuguese hymnals šŸ™‚

Aishitemasu šŸ™‚

Thompson ShimaiAubree at the Temple

Aubree Studying

How Nelson Choro and Valente Choro study

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