MTC Week Six

April 17, 2014


This week we had awesome devotionals on Sunday and Tuesday. On Sunday the BYU mens choir came and sang a bunch of different music for us. On Tuesday Elder Neil L. Anderson of the quorum of the twelve spoke! It was super cool 🙂 he talked about finding the doctrine of Christ in the scriptures. He said we need to have such a testimony that we will not question it when we are finished with our mission. I really liked his talk.

On Monday morning our Senpai left for Nihon! I’m going to miss them but we will all be able to email. They are all going to different missions than us. We also got new Kohai this week and they are really nice. We only just met them last night but they seem to be adjusting well. One shimai is four foot eleven inches tall, so we are really close in height.

Yesterday was the first day for all of the missionaries, and on the first day they take about 50 missionaries into a room to talk to an investigator. Two missionaries ( who have already been at the MTC a few weeks) start talking to the investigator and do How To Begin Teaching, which is basically getting to know them and their religious background and expectations. After a few minutes the new missionaries are supposed to give the lesson, when you raise your hand you get to talk to the investigator. On my first day I didn’t talk in the lesson at all, and yesterday Urling Shimai and I got to start the lesson. It was such a cool experience to see how far I have come and to realize how much I have already learned.

On Sunday we are pretty sure that Elder Holland is going to come speak to us. All of the missionaries are going to take sacrament together. It is going to be really interesting. I really love Elder Holland’s talk so I really hope that he come 🙂


Thompson Shimai Japan Elders

Aubree MTC 3

Aubree MTC 4

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