Aubree Letter Home April 24, 2014

This is a list of questions that we sent Aubree in the MTC.

1. What is your daily schedule? What do you do and when?

For my schedule I’m basically in class all day. For example here is what I did yesterday:
6:25 – Wake up
7:15 – Breakfast
7:45 – TALL (computer language program)
9:10 – Nihongo Learning
10:00 – Coaching (teachers help us on how to be better teachers)
11:00 – Planning
11:15 – Additional Study
11:35 – Lunch
12:20 – Teach Okyodai
1:30 – Nihongo Learning
2:30 – Coaching
3:20-4:10 – Gym
4:50 – Dinner
5:30 – Personal Study
6:30 – Companion Study
7:30 – Skype TRC (We Skype Japanese people in Japan)
8:30 – Nihongo Benkyo

2. How was your violin solo on Sunday?

My violin solo went really well. Thankfully I practiced a lot the first time I played it so I only practiced an hour last Friday and thirty minutes on Thursday. Everyone really liked it.

3. Do you have your flight plans yet? If so take a picture of it and send it to me. Also send me the ticket number so that I can get your skymiles for it.

I don’t have them yet but I will send you a picture when I get it. (She doesn’t have the ticket yet, but she does have her flight itinerary).

4. What kind of food do they serve? Do you have a favorite?

They have normal food, I don’t know haha. I don’t really have a favorite but I’m excited to get food somewhere else because I’ve had it all so much.

5. Are you still playing volleyball? Have you ever gotten hurt playing it?

I play volleyball sometimes, I mostly just run. I really like running, it’s really fun. Schmeil Choro has been helping me. He was in track before the mission. I haven’t gotten hurt doing it thankfully.

6. How is you skin doing? Did the lotion help?

My skin is doing a lot better now than it was. The lotion has helped tons.

7. Have you used the oil yet? What for? Do you think it helped?

I’m using the oils you sent me. They work really well. After gym I use the peppermint so that I don’t fall asleep and I use the lavender to help me fall asleep. I like using them for headaches too. I really, really like them.

8. What is the hardest thing about learning Japanese?

The hardest thing about learning Japanes is when the teachers are teaching us and we cannot figure out what they are saying. We use our dictionaries a lot.

9. What is the funniest thing you have said in Japanese?

I haven’t really said anything funny recently, except when I was writing out my testimony I was trying to say I know all good things come from God and I wrote I am a good thing from God. The other day Urlin Shimai asked our teacher, “Can you have children”? She meant to say “Do you have children”?

10. What is the funniest thing you have done while in the MTC?

Everyday really funny things happen, you kind of just have to be there for most of it. The Brazilians are really funny. One thing that they really like to do is put lots of salt in your drink when you aren’t looking.

11. Are the guys in your district getting along as good as the girls in your district?

The Chorotachi get along really well. I feel bad for Nelson Choro sometimes because they all speak Portuguese except him. So sometimes they all talk and he doesn’t know what they are saying. But they all get along really well.

12. What do you like most about being at the MTC?

I love having devotionals here. I have been super lucky to get so many awesome speakers. I really love my teachers too, they are all really awesome.

13. Do you know when you will find out what area you will be in in Japan, do you find that out before you go, or after you get there?

We don’t know who our new companions are or our area before we go.

14. How is your new calling going?

My new calling is going well, we have just been helping the new sisters adjust and they are doing really good.

15. Have you learned anything about the gospel that surprised you?

I don’t know if I’ve learned anything that surprises me as much as I’m just learning a lot. We have an hour of personal study where we study the gospel and it’s really cool having that time to reflect on the gospel.

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