MTC Week Seven


This has been the best week in the MTC so far! Easter was so amazing, I loved having the opportunity to have Easter here. It was so special. We had a morning devotional with all of the missionaries and we all took the sacrament together. Our devotional speaker was President Urchdorf! I feel so blessed to have gotten to hear him speak in person, he is one of my favorite! He talked to us about how before the Resurrection Peter was full of fear, he didn’t have enough faith to walk on water and he even denied Christ three times. Yet, after the Resurrection he had no fear because he had all his faith in Jesus Christ. I thought this talk was so perfect for me. I have been feeling a little afraid of going to Nihon and actually talking to real people. President Urchdorf told us to Fear No Man. We need to be bold but not overbearing. Overbearing is being bold without love, we need to have love for all the people. At the end of his talk he gave us all an Apostolic Blessing and it was really comforting.

We thought that we would probably be done seeing Apostles because we already had two come but, on Tuesday Elder Dallin H. Oaks came and spoke at devotional. His talk was so amazing, there was so much knowledge that I gained from it. He gave us eight steps to becoming a missionary. Physical Health, Instruments in his hands, Prepare yourselves to act in his service, Remember who you are, Work to establish the church, Teach and testify, Get commitments, and Nurture. I feel so blessed to have heard from such amazing speakers.








This week I have been doing a lot of running. I have found out that I actually really enjoy it. Schmeil choro taught me how to do it right. On Monday and Tuesday we did 2.6 and 2.7 miles, we were trying to do 3 but didn’t have enough time. I really hope the field is open so that I can run outside.

Today we started packing and it is kind of sad, we are all so close. I have already weighted one of my big bags and I think I will be okay on weight.
April 24, 2014

Elders in my District

Elders in my District



Thompson shimai

Today Aubree received her flight plans for her trip to Japan.


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