Japan Week Two

Aubree and her new bike.

Aubree and her new bike.

This week was really good! We had one of our investigators come to church yesterday for the first time! She first met with missionaries 20 years ago and had been taught a little between that but now she is really progressing. It is so exciting because she told us that she wanted an answer from God last week and so she prayed. Then we taught about how we can receive more specific answers from God through church attendance and she was just so willing to come. It is so awesome how Heavenly Father has been preparing her. We had dinner with two members this week and it is super good! One thing I have realized with Japanese food is that it takes like a million bowls and plates cause everything is separate.
On Tuesday we went to Zone Conference and learned about opening our mouths more, we have to talk to everyone! Schmeil Choro and Neeves Shimai is in my Zone so it was lots of fun.

Driving to Zone Conference with the AP's.

Driving to Zone Conference with the AP’s.

This week when I was reading in Jesus the Christ I found a really funny quote, it says “We believe in enjoying good food.” We made a sign of that quote to put on our fridge haha

This week we have been trying to find a stool to buy for our apartment because I can’t reach any of the dishes. They all go up in cabinets that are too tall for me haha

I also cannot talk to anyone without them telling me that I am cute like 5 bazillion times haha We were parking our bikes outside our investigator’s house when this grandpa came up and started talking to us by telling me I was really cute. We were able to give him a pamphlet about the Restoration and tell him a little about the church. I still get comments about how I look like a doll all of the time too.


Thompson shimai

Here are some notes from Aubree

Well we ride bikes a lot like 1 1/2 to 2 hours a day.

Yes they eat wasabi flavored chips and things like that.

I ate cod fish eggs in a rice ball yesterday.

I really like it! It’s awesome; I’m slowly learning kanji so that I can read signs.

My companion is awesome! She helps me so much! She has been here for 7 transfers but in Shizuoka for 3 transfers.

We are maybe getting sushi and then getting ice cream with our investigator that is 14. She has been meeting with missionaries for a year.
We have met with a lot of potential investigators but no new ones. We have 4 investigators right now.

The keyboard here is good, if you hit Capslock it turns to nihongo.

Zone conference was awesome! Yeah we learned about OYM (Open Your Mouth)and getting referrals from everyone. Member missionaries are the best!

My bike name is Aggressor haha it is written on the bike but you can’t see it in the picture.

Aubree and Ward Shimai  Eating Ramen

Aubree and Ward Shimai Eating Ramen

I out ate everyone!

Apparently all bean chans (new missionaries) are really hungry haha I just eat all day but I haven’t gained anything.

Yeah but our area is the flattest in the mission thank goodness haha we only have like two hills. Our area is also the warmest. Yeah well who knows how long I will stay here, I will at least be here for two transfers.

One of the elders here, this is his last transfer so I am buying his electronic dictionary from him. He bought a really nice one when he was a bean and when he gets home he will just use his smart phone so he doesn’t need it. (He is selling it to Aubree for) 50 dollars plus he is giving me his web cam that we used on mother’s day.

Once a transfer we have zone conference.

Alright well I have to go now!
I love you!

Aubree and Ward Shimai.

Aubree and Ward Shimai.



Fuji San

Fuji San

Japan Week2 Photo5

Fuji San

Fuji San

Japan Week2 Photo7

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