Ramen with Copious Amounts of Mayo

Aubree and her mission phone.

Aubree and her mission phone.

Our phone :)

Our phone 🙂

This week has been really awesome! We had a few birthdays in the ward this week so we made cards for the members and put hearts all over their apartment doors. It was really fun. One of the members, her family and her both forgot her birthday, she was so surprised!

Last Monday night was the first time that it rained while we were biking. We had to wear a kappa ( rain coat and pants). It was like dumping, I thought it was actually pretty fun. The rain is a lot different than Hawaii. It dumps all day, we haven’t had that happen yet. June is rainy season so I’m sure we will be seeing lots of rain any day now. There is also starting to be a lot of mosquitoes.

On Saturday we went to the Tomita fufu’s house and worked in their garden. We were pulling up all of the flower bulbs. Then Tomita shimai made dinner for us, it was Hamburgers and french fries, it was so good.

Yesterday I ate the weirdest thing ever. They have this stereotype that Americans love mayo on anything. So at our dinner appointment last night we had Ramen with copious amounts of mayo in it. It was so weird. We asked our district leader who is nihonjin if that is normal and he said no.

Our investigator that I told you about last week, the one that called us, is so awesome! We asked her to read part of the Book of Mormon and pray about it. We went to check on her on Wednesday and she was already 13 chapters in! She said that it is a little confusing but she really likes it. She tries to read at least a chapter every night but she can’t put it down. It is so cool to see how Heavenly Father is touching her heart.


Thompson Shimai

It’s going good. (Yesterday when we were talking to Aubree Jaden her brother told her a story of what happened on a campout this last weekend that he attended. On the campout Jaden and his friend were asked to give the devotional, it ended up lasting 45 minutes. He said during the devotional he kept having the feeling that he should walk through the fire and liken it to the evil in the world without God. Then Jaden walked through the fire and as he did so he said you won’t get burned in the world if you have God in your life. When he got through the fire he was not burned, Aubree said to us how did you do that without getting burned and I said faith.) We are always trying to come up with new visuals but I don’t think I can do that haha. (Jaden told her she could use it as an example) I will, that’s way cool, did your leg hair not even burn? ( his answer was not really.)

Yes the cameras are going really good, everyone loves my cameras.

We are hoping to buy a kappa that is mine today right now I am just using the extra.

Can you send me the guitar music that is the church one? There is a less active family here and the dad plays guitar so we try to bond with them through that.

Okay, also if you could hem a few more pairs of leggings that would be awesome, We wear them every day and we get really sweaty haha so it’s a little gross to wear them all the time. We have some really cute chop sticks that I bought for 100 yen (1$). (We asked her if she got a stepstool yet) Not yet, Ward Shimai just hands me everything haha, And the chop sticks aren’t metal, they are wood.

Ward Shimai

Ward Shimai

The Board says I love you!

The Board says We love you!

Japan Week4 Photo6

Aubree and Ward Shimai.

Aubree and Ward Shimai.

Richard Choro and Gillesipe Choro.

Richard Choro and Gillesipe Choro.

Aubree and Ward Shimai.

Aubree and Ward Shimai.

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