My Bike Broke (Japan Week 6)

Bike Riding Selfie.

Bike Riding Selfie.

Japan Week6 Photo8

This week was the last one of the transfer! Elder Gillespie is going home tomorrow and a new Zone Leader is coming. We had a lot of dinner appointments with the Elders and members this week because he is leaving.

Aubree with the missionaries.

Aubree with the missionaries.

The  missionaries stopped to take these pictures on the side of the road by a rice field.

The missionaries stopped to take these pictures on the side of the road by a rice field.

Aubree and the missionaries by the rice field.

Aubree and the missionaries by the rice field.

Japan Week6 Photo7

Japan Week6 Photo6

Japan Week6 Photo5

On Monday we went and had Indo Curry and did a lot of shopping. I found a box of cake mix, it is the first one I have seen since being in Japan, I was so happy.

Indo curry.

Indo curry.

Then on Tuesday we all went to the Bishop’s house for dinner. The Bishop is super cool, he went on a mission a year after joining the church and read the Book of Mormon 14 times when he was a bean chan!

On Wednesday we had all of our appointments cancel. We tried to make some more appointments but it didn’t work out. So we went and did a lot of housing and OYM. We were able to talk to a lot of people so hopefully some of them will be able to come to Eikaiwa. It was raining while we were doing this so when we got home we made Ramen and steamed squash for dinner and it was the best thing ever.

Then on Thursday we had 4 appointments scheduled and we only got to do 3 of them. We were riding to the last one at about 8pm when my bike breaks. We had just gone up this big hill and I shifted down a gear and my bike starts freaking out. The gear shifter kept getting stuck in the spokes of the wheel somehow. We pulled off to the side of the road and this nice high school kid stopped to help us. He moved it around and fixed it temporarily. He followed behind us for a minute and then it broke again. He was really nice and tried to speak English to us and told us where a bike shop was. We were able to take it there on Friday, they said it will be fixed in a week and they gave me a bike to use in the meantime.

Friday night we had a party at Eikaiwa. We all made Takoyaki together, which is kinda like pancake mix but not sweet and Octopus in a ball. They made me try some, Risa told me that if I didn’t eat it, an Octopus would come attack me in my sleep haha.

On Saturday the ward had an activity to go to the Zoo, and we were able to go. It was really fun, we went up this giant hill and were able to see the Ocean and over all of shizuoka really well.

Aubree at the Zoo for the ward activity.

Aubree at the Zoo for the ward activity.

Aubree and the chicks.

Aubree and the chicks.

Japan Week6 Photo24



Japan Week6 Photo20

Japan Week6 Photo19

Japan Week6 Photo28

Japan Week6 Photo27

Japan Week6 Photo26

We also had a lesson with an investigator and she is going to be baptized on August 14! We are so excited for her, she is progressing so fast and has so much faith.

Since yesterday was the last day with Elder Gillespie we all took a lot of pictures together at a rice field. It was really fun. We are really excited for this next week, it is going to be awesome.

Aubree and the rice field.

Aubree and the rice field.

Japan Week6 Photo3

Japan Week6 Photo2

Japan Week6 Photo1

I love you all!

Thompson shimai

Here are some notes from Aubree

Since Gillespie Choro is done with his mission, him and Elder Richard had to go to Okazaki last night, and then this morning Gillespie Choro and the elder who is done is Okazaki go to the Mission Home. Then on Tuesday when Transfers happen Elder Richard and the other Okazaki Elder go to their areas. Everyone who is tranfering meets in Nagoya. So normally the elders email first, but they aren’t here.( Aubree emailed us about an hour and half earlier than her normal email time).

Can you send me a can of frosting? (We asked her what flavor, she said) Chocolate 🙂
The cake mix cost 6 dollars, I had to go to an international store to buy that, they don’t really have cake mix in Japan.

One of our investigators is going to be baptized in August!

We are going to just relax today and maybe go to the Ocean.

(This is where Aubree took her bike to get it fixed) あさひ is the name of the shop (asahi).
My bike will be will be fine, they just had to order a part.

(Aubree bought the electronic Japanese dictionary from Elder Gillespie since he was going home)It is awesome I love it.

(The picture from last week that looked like a cookie) it is like two pancakes and cream in the middle, some of them have what is call anko in the middle which is a sweet bean paste.

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