I Looked Like Minnie Chan (Minnie Mouse) Japan Week 8

Japan Week8 Photo1


Last Monday we went and ate Wasabi ice cream. It was surprisingly really good, it wasn’t really spicy, it just made your tongue tingle.

Then we went to Burger King for dinner, apparently it is one of the only ones in the mission.

On Tuesday We did another Koukan and I went to Hamamatsu with Smith shimai again. It was really fun 🙂 We were able to teach 3 different lessons.
On Wednesday when we were meeting back at the Fujieda train station, Smith shimai and I were just waiting for Brady shimai and Ward shimai when we saw these two Americans with really big bags. They went to the ticket line for the bullet train and looked a little confused and unsure of what to do. We then walked over casually to see if they knew how to speak Japanese and it turns out they didn’t! So then Smith shimai translated for them. Ward shimai and I got to sit next to them on the train actually. The guy told us all about Berries because he does farming. Then we told him that we could tell him about the Mormon church and he said, ” Okay, you have two Minutes.” Ward shimai did an awesome job of explaining everything really quick and simple. Unfortunately we didn’t have a book of Mormon in English to give them, but hopefully they will run into missionaries again.

On Thursday I ate sushi for the first time. We ate tuna, salmon, and shrimp. Eating raw fish wasn’t as weird as I thought it would be, I actually really liked it.

Recently we have started OYMing more, it has been hard but we are seeing the rewards. We invite people to come to the free english class that we teach all the time but mostly new people don’t come but we talked to this really nice lady on Thursday and on Friday she came to class! It was really awesome and she said she would come next week!

Then on Saturday we taught our investigator who is getting baptized in August. We only have to teach her about Tithing and Fasting and then she is ready to be baptized. She is so awesome, she has such strong faith. We kind of want to move her date up, but she really wants to be baptized on her birthday, so we will see what will happen with that.

Then yesterday at church we got a new ward mission leader, which is kind of good because the last one had that calling and was also in the bishopric. So we are really excited to work with the new one.

This week has been really good!

We are hoping to commit another of our investigators to baptism this week, so I will tell you how it goes next week!

Thompson Shimai

Notes from Aubree

I got the package from you this week! It was awesome and it made me really happy! We have been listening to the iPod constantly 🙂

I’ve been listening to it a lot, I even listened to the scriptures while I ate dinner last night.

Also that minion is super cool \! (Her brother sent her a minion that was made on a 3D printer at HP).

The shirt you sent fits and is good, I wore it to church yesterday with a black skirt and everyone told me I looked like Minnie Chan (Minnie mouse).

We are going to watch a movie about the Old Testament today. We are just watching it on a computer at the church. One of the members went to Costco this week and bought us muffins! So us and the Elders are going to snack on those. Like U.S. muffins, they don’t really have muffins in Japan.

We get i Pad minis in December. I just found out like right before I sent that, I was reading my mission presidents Email and it said that.

We didn’t really take many pictures this week, I left my camera at my apartment on accident so I will just send extra next week!

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