I am American, Small and Have Curly Blonde Hair, People are Interested in What I Have to Say (Letter From Aubree)

Dear Family, June 30th, 2014
I’m about to finish reading the Book of Mormon for the first time on my mission. It’s really awesome and I wish that I had taken more advantage of reading it before.

Letter from Aubree 001-copy
During companion study I always ask Ward Shimai questions about it and sometimes she shows me funny parts. For example did you know there was teleporting in the scriptures? It happens in Acts8:39-40, it happens in the Book of Mormon too but I can’t remember where. The scriptures really are super cool. I really love getting to study from them every day.

So the other day we went to visit this potential investigator. She lives in an apartment building that is for people who just got out of the hospital. It was really funny because she told us that she never studied English, she just knew it because in her previous life she was an American. She wasn’t really interested in our message so she isn’t an investigator.

Our mission President told us that we to be talking to more people on the street (OYM). These past few days we have met some of the nicest people. Especially because I am American, small and have curly blond hair, people are interested in what I have to say. You just go up to people and say Chotto iidesuka? Which just means like is a little okay? And people just give you their fully attention.

You guys know how much I didn’t like talking to random people before. OYM is kind of hard but through Heavenly Fathers help I have been able to talk to people. The other day we passed this lady on the street who had been singing and Ward Shimai stopped and asked if she had been singing. Then we were able to invite her to Eikaiwa. She even told us I have interest. Ward Shimai told me she hadn’t ever had anyone say that before.

In our mission right now there are tons of miracles happening as we are doing the 40 day fast. We are really excited to see how it is changing the mission.

Aubree's Letter

Aubree’s Letter

Aubree's Enevelop

Aubree’s Enevelop

Aubree's Lettter

Aubree’s Lettter

Happy Birthday Daddy From Aubree

Happy Birthday Daddy
From Aubree

The Birthday Card Aubree Made for her Dad.

The Birthday Card Aubree Made for her Dad.

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