Senpai Week For Me (Japan Week 10)

Japan Week10 Photo2

This week was really awesome!

For P day last week we went and ate sushi again. Even though it is raw fish, it doesn’t feel gross. I think sushi is really good.

Japan Week10 Photo1

After that we tried to find me some new shoes for the rain.

I still have to buy children’s shoes in Japan! I thought that I might be able to get adult shoes but my feet are just a little too small still.

On Tuesday we visited this part member family with the Elders and we had an interesting lesson. The father likes to drink and so at the end of the lesson he was trying to convince the Elders that they should start drinking. It was really funny.

On Wednesday we had Interviews with President Yamashita. It was really good, he gave me some really good advice. At the end of our interview he gave everyone a priesthood blessing, it was so cool.

Then I went on a companion exchange with Smith Shimai in Shizuoka. We were supposed to switch back the next day, but we were supposed to have the Typhoon that day. So on Thursday morning we got a text from the mission home telling us not to leave our apartments so Smith Shimai and I got to spend a whole day in the apartment together.

On Friday after Ward Shimai came back to Shizuoka we went and checked on one of the less actives that we visit regularly to see if she was okay after the storm, she was really worried about it. She told us that she prayed that it wouldn’t get bad in Shizuoka and it didn’t so Heavenly Father answered her prayer. It was really cool to see her faith strengthened through that.

On Friday we meet with our investigator who is getting baptized and she is just so awesome. We taught her about the priesthood, and the blessings that we can receive from it, then on Sunday she got a blessing to help her to stop smoking. She is so awesome I know that she will be able to stop soon. After the blessing she just cried because she felt the spirit so much.

This week is senpai week for me, which means that I am in charge of everything. So we will see how this goes!


Thompson Shimai

Notes from Aubree

(We asked Aubree about the typhoon) It only drizzled here, no wind whatsoever. Yeah they had us stay in our apartment all day on Thursday just in case but it was fine.

I think that I am okay for now, but if you see any shoes that look good you can send them, I am at the size that is hard to find between adults and kids here. I bought a pair of Crocks for the rain.

Jaden, I am sending you Octopus Jerky.

Since I only have two weeks of being a bean chan I am in charge this week of the lessons and leading us places.

When you come, I wouldn’t plan on trying to drive, we can just take the bus and trains places easy.

We haven’t found any new investigators yet, we have 7 right now.

It’s been pretty nice, has rained a little but not much.

Next week is ward conference and so they are having food after.

Always sung in Japanese at the MTC so I am pretty used to singing in it but they do sing some weird ones I’ve never heard of before. One of the songs, Waiting for the Reapers, is only in Japanese hymn books. There are a few others too.

I have to go now! I love you!

Look at the Size of that Spider

Look at the Size of that Spider



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