Faith is Like a Little Seed ( Japan Week 14)


We got new futons from the mission home! When we had apartment inspections they took our old futons and sent new ones. They are so nice and it feels awesome to sleep on. Monday afternoon we got ice cream with one of the members. We also visited some potential investigators and we counted one as an investigator but we had to drop her a few days latter. She was super nice though.


We made a really cute flower pot for our investigator. We wrote “Faith is like a little seed” and planted pink flowers in it.

Pot that we painted for investigators.

Pot that we painted for investigators.


We had zone training and President Yamashita came. It was really good. We learned about how sometimes investigators will know the words coming out of our mouths but will have no idea what we are talking about. They did an example by showing one person a picture of someone we all knew. Then that person had to describe only what they could see and we didn’t know who they were talking about, but it was president Yamashita. So they talked about ways we can help them to understand.

Aubree and Ward Shimai at Zone Conference.

Aubree and Ward Shimai at Zone Conference.


We have been visiting this less active every week for months and she hasn’t come to church in about 10 years or so. Two weeks ago we challenged her to read the whole Book of Mormon. We told her that we could read together when we visit and it would make it easier. So we read 1 Nephi chapter 2 together. When we asked her what we thought about it she told us about how she thinks she needs to come back to church, that she wants to. It was so cool to see the power that the Book of Mormon has. This chapter didn’t talk about going to church specifically but was able to touch her heart and lead her to that conclusion. We had had lessons about coming to church but until she read this, she hadn’t wanted to come. That night we also went and visited Wantanabe shimai. She is really old and summer is hard on her body so we bought a liter of this sports drink and took it to her. We biked 8km to get to her house but it was so worth it to be able to help her.


Last week our investigator shibata taught us how to paint daisies. So we wanted to thank her is a cute way. A Japanese pear is called Nashi, and there is a grammar principal Nashi ni and it means without. So we bought some Nashi and wrote that If we were without her we would be sad and thanked her for teaching us. She lives really far away so we were able to take a train there. Then we went to Shizuoka College. The Elders had given us a referral of someone who lives over there. We tried to visit her but she wasn’t home, we think this week is a lot of tests so most college students are probably busy.

Daisies that Aubree painted and gave me ( her mom) for my birthday :)

Daisies that Aubree painted and gave me ( her mom) for my birthday 🙂


We had Marilou’s baptism interview this day! Our district leader came from Fujieda to do it and it all went well. She is so awesome! She will be baptized on Thursday by Elder Brown. We were suppsed to meet with Wantanabe shimai again but she wasn’t feeling well so we had to come up with a backup plan. We decided to visit our 12 year old investigator. We hadn’t been able to meet with her this week because she had gotten home too late that night. We were able to share a scripture with her and her mom, who is a member, and it turned out really good.


It was pretty rainy this day, we had the typhoon but it didn’t go directly though Shizuoka. We had a good day at church. One of the Elders investigators is in his 70’s and he bought a cell phone just so he could talk to the elders haha. It is his first one! He was taking pictures of a lot of things and thought it was super cool haha.

I’ll tell you all about the baptism next week!

Love you all,

love Thompson shimai

Notes From Aubree

This week was really good, we had another typhoon but nothing really happened again, it just rained. I’m not sure what we are doing today, probably going to go eat somewhere with the elders.

Also you should watch the new Mormon Message, its called the Hope of God’s Light. We watched it at zone training and it was really amazing.


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