Samuel the Lamanite ( Japan Week 13)

This message was sent August 3rd, 2014

Aubree and Ward Shimai

Aubree and Ward Shimai


We went shopping with the elders and I actually found a pair of bright pink flats, and yes they are children shoes. We also went and visited this less active who is really likes Hawaii. It was cool because we were able to talk about that a little bit because I had lived there.


We had five lessons this day. It was really good because we were busy. We have been teaching a lot recently about Samuel the Lamanite and about how because he was obedient he was able to have the spirit there to protect him. I think that is super cool. When we follow the promptings of the spirit, we are able to receive guidance and protection.


We met with a recent convert named Wantanabe shimai. She is really old, 84 years old. This week she lost her wallet with a lot of money in it. She told us that on her own she decided to pray about it. We also prayed together that she would be able to find it. We also did this really cool project with our investigator. She teaches people how to paint and so she taught us how to paint daisies, for two and a half hours, it was really fun!


We visited a lot of less actives.


We were able to do a lot of housing this day. We found one lady who seemed pretty interested, she took a pamphlet and we are hoping to talk to her again today and ask if she will hear the lessons.


We had a lesson with our investigator who is getting baptized. She is doing so well, she only smoked once this last week! We are hoping to have her interview on Saturday and baptism next Thursday! We were able to go to the shimizu festival that night with a member. It was really cool! There were so many people there! There were also a ton of dancers! It was really fun 🙂










It was fast Sunday this week. It was really good, one of our investigators even bore their testimony during sacrament meeting! Then we had an appointment with the stake president. His wife made Gyoza for us, which is my favorite. We talked a lot about goals and how when we make goals we are able to accomplish so much more.

This week has been really good, we are hoping to find more investigators this coming week!

Love you all,

Thompson shimai

Notes From Aubree

Ward shimai wants me to have a Japanese companion.

The electronic translator is awesome, I use it a lot, it also has an English dictionary on it too so that is helpful.

We like to watch the new testament seminary videos during lunch haha.

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