A Violin :) ( Japan Week 15)

Monday: For P day we watched a bunch of videos with the Elders on LDS.org. Actually we watched videos for 4 hours. It was really fun to watch a bunch of the Mormon Messages, they were all really good. We also tried to visit our investigator Stephanie but she wasn’t home, so we just gave her son a birthday present.

Tuesday: We had a practice lessons with a woman in our ward. After our lesson she brought out a violin and told me that she borrowed it from a friend who wasn’t using it. It had even been missing a string and she bought a new one for it. She is so nice! I am borrowing it to play in sacrament meeting. We also had an awesome lesson with our investigator Shibata san. Because we had a baptism this week we invited her and explained about baptism. We just explained it really simply and she asked us a lot of really good questions about it. She was more into this lesson than in our previous ones. It was really cool because in her prayer at the end she said she was grateful that she understood our message. She also made dinner for us, one part was a baked potato, and we had to eat it with chopsticks. Not as easy as it sounds haha

Wednesday: We went on a companion exchange! I stayed in Shizuoka with Fredrickson Shimai. We visited a lot of people who live in Shimizu, about 6km from Shizuoka. Fredrickson Shimai had been in Shizuoka before so we visited a few people who she had taught before but stopped hearing the lessons. We hope that they will hear them again.

The Baptism

The Baptism

The missionaries at the Baptism

The missionaries at the Baptism

Thursday: Baptism! Marilou got baptized and it was so amazing! It was kind of funny because they baptized her once and they both got out of the font and then it was decided that it wasn’t right and it needed done again. So she was baptized twice. She was so happy after, she was just glowing with joy. I felt so happy for her! It has been so amazing how the gospel really changes people . There were so many people at her baptism, about 40! We were so surprised because it was on a Thursday. The ward already loves her, she was given so many flowers haha We gave her a CTR ring and a picture of the temple with a card signed from us and the Elders. Her daughter was also able to come and we were able to talk with her. Hopefully she will become an investigator.

Eating Blue Raspberry Cookies

Eating Blue Raspberry Cookies

Friday: We went to district meeting and it was so good. The APs came and taught about OYM and about how to talk to people on the streets about the gospel. We got a lot of good ideas from it. We also got a new investigator this day! She has investigated the church before but it has been a while since she last heard the lessons. She is super nice and speaks English too.

Saturday: We visited Watanabe shimai and brought her some more pocari sweat. While we were there a member showed up and gave her a bunch of juice and things like that! It was so nice and just amazing to see the ward taking care of her. When we were leaving her house I pulled my bike out and realized that my back tire was completely flat. We were about 6km from home. The same thing happened to the Elders, in the same apartment complex, last week and they had to walk home for three hours. We had kids english class scheduled in about 40 minutes from when this happened so we called the Elders and had them go for us. It was really funny because watanabe shimai thought we were there still because our bikes got wet from the rain or something so she started throwing paper towels at us. Her apartment is on the second floor so I tried yelling to her what was wrong but I didn’t really know the words and I didn’t understand what she was saying either. Ward shimai was on the phone at the time but was able to help me know how to say it haha It was really funny. Watanabe shimai asked one of her neighbors where a close bike shop was and it was only about 15 minutes away. We got it fixed really quick and were able to get to all our appointments. We also went to this BBQ that the Tomita fufu had. They are college professors and so at this party it was a bunch of teachers and their favorite students. They all were really smart and all spoke English. It was really cool because they all asked us why we were in Japan and we were able to tell them about the church.

Sunday: Marilou and Ward shimai both gave talks in sacrament meeting. During Marilou’s talk you could feel the spirit so much! She was a little nervous and got mixed up on her Japanese a little but it was great! It was super cool to be able to hear here testimony like that.

Love you all!
Love, Thompson Shimai

A picture of our bikes with a scooter parked next to them.

A picture of our bikes with a scooter parked next to them.

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One thought on “A Violin :) ( Japan Week 15)

  1. Christine Martin

    Aubree, I am your Grandpa Thompson’s sister, Aunt Christine Martin. I love reading your weekly letters and seeing the wonderful photos that you post. I have 2 grandsons on missions in Chile and Argentina, and I really look forward to reading my emails on Mondays. I am wondering if you have checked to see if you are related to Shimhai Ward. Your 3rd great grandmother, Ellen Viola Ward, was married to Elijah Wm David Hardy Thompson. She was born in 1856 in Mississippi. Her father was William Ward, born 1819 in Perth, Mississippi. His father was Frederick Ward, born 1794 in Georgia, and his father was Newett Ward, born 1765 in SC. Ask your companion if that line matches up with her Ward line. Love you and you’re in my prayers, Aunt Chris

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