A Dog Named Tomato

Aubree and Ward Shimai with the Elders at a Pizza Restaurant.

Aubree and Ward Shimai with the Elders at a Pizza Restaurant.

We had a district activity on p-day. We made pizza together and played ping pong. It was a lot of fun! We decided to go just down the street and get ice cream but it had started to rain just a little bit. Some of us took umbrellas with us but some of the Elders didn’t. During this 15 minute walk it just started to dump! The elders were soaked by the time we got there! It was really funny. That night we went and visited Stephanie. She is doing really good, we invited her to church and she almost came. We found her a ride for church but Sunday morning she called us and told us she couldn’t come because her son hadn’t finished his homework. Hopefully she will come next week!

Aubree and the other missionaries getting ice cream.

Aubree and the other missionaries getting ice cream.

Aubree and the other missionaries getting ice cream.

Aubree and the other missionaries getting ice cream.

We went to a members house on Tuesday for dinner and it was really good. She also fed us Nashi which is a Japanese Pear. Right now Nashi is in season so a lot of people are giving them to us.

Aubree with Ward Shimai and the Elders Jumping in the rain.

Aubree with Ward Shimai and the Elders Jumping in the rain.

On Wednesday we went to Watanabe shimai’s house for lunch. We made sushi rice together, it had tuna and salmon. Eating raw fish doesn’t even bother me anymore. I actually really like it. Then we met with Tsukika chan and took puri kuras together. It was lots of fun! Then we ate crepes together. Crepes in Japan are so good, they are more of a dessert.

We had a really funny OYM experience this day. We met this lady at the park who was walking her dog. She talked to us for a long time but the funny thing was her dog’s name. He dog was named tomato. She told us that because he is an Italian breed she wanted to give him an Italian name. She also has another dog named Tissue. He is named that because before you could grab a tissue to clean up the mess, he would eat it. Thursday night we also had a really cool lesson. We met with this lady called Warashina san. She normally is super busy and doesn’t have a whole lot of time or no time to meet with us. We didn’t have an appointment but just knocked on her door at about 8:10pm. She told us that because her son’s swim practice had been canceled she had time to talk with us. We read 1 Nephi 11:17 and talked about how we can feel Gods love. We challenged her to find one or two things that she is grateful for everyday. She was really excited about the challenge because she had been trying to do the same thing all last week but hadn’t been able too. She told us that one good thing God gave her was that we were able to talk together. We left her house at 8:24pm. It was one of the fastest lessons that I’ve done but I think that for her it really works well and we all could feel the spirit.

Aubree and Ward Shimai.

Aubree and Ward Shimai.

We had a Zone Training Meeting in Hamamatsu on Friday. It was really good. They talked a lot about obedience and some new rules that are going to take effect.

We had transfer calls this day and Ward shimai is getting transferred to Meito, which is the mission home area. Ward shimai had to call a bunch of people to let them know she was transferring then we went and visited people so she could say bye to them.

Sunday was kind of sad because it was the last one with Ward shimai. After church an 8 year old boy got baptized. It was really cool 🙂 We had dinner with one of our investigators and she actually taught us the word for selfie in Japanese : Jidori. Then we visited Marilou one last time. Marilou said that she might go visit ward shimai next month when she goes to Meito.

Aubree and Shizuoka Ward.

Aubree and Shizuoka Ward.

I love you all!

love, Thompson shimai

Notes from Aubree:

Ward Shimai is going to Nagoya-shi Meito-ku.
I am staying in Shizuoka.
On Tuesday morning all the missionaries and their companions who are transferring meet at this eki in Takabata. Then we switch companions and go home. I will be with sister Pappenfuss. She is half Japanese and is fluent in Japanese and English.
Other than transfers everything is normal. My companion is still senpai but I will be area senpai.

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