September 2014 Letters From Aubree/ Postcard from Ward Shimai

These are letters we received this last week September 7 – 14th, 2014.

Aubree Letter 001September 2014

Aubree Letter 003 September 2014

Aubree Letter 004 September 2014

Dear Daddy and Mommy,

Isn’t this paper really cute! I learned the Kanji for flower the other day. One thing that is weird is that everything is in Kanji. Some signs have the romaji written but not all. Japan also doesn’t name streets, its broken into neighborhoods and then into numers.

Ward Shimai and I had a funny experience the other day. We were getting on a train from Shizuoka to Kusanagi. The train was pretty full so we were just going to stand. Then this old women tells her 5 grandpa friends to move over and make room for us. When we sat down we realized that the guy next to Ward Shimai was drunk. He started talking to us and he got spit on Ward Shimai’s face while he was talking. When I said something and he couldn’t hear he would ask Ward Shimai what the Princess said. Thankfully our train was only about 15-20 minutes. It was really funny though.

We visit a lot of less active women, and a lot of them aren’t married and that’s why they wet less-active. They are really lonely so when we visit they want to talk with us for a long time. Ward Shimai and I were talking about it and decided it’s like the Eleanor Rigby song. “All the lonely people, where do they all come from”. Now we just quote that at each other all the time.

I think that being on a mission is a lot different that I thought it would be. I think that it’s hard work but also that it is really fun. I love all the people here so much and I hope you guys are able to meet them all.

Dear Jaden, (Jaden is Aubree’s brother)

It’s been a while since I did knuckles with anyone.

Its been getting really hot here, and humid. As soon as you walk out the door you are just coated in sweat! When you guys come next summer its going to be really hot.

So last week we had Marilou’s baptism right? Well the first time she was baptized Elder Brown didn’t say her name. But they didn’t catch it till after they had both got out and were starting to change. Then the bishop said we had to do it again. So I guess Elder Brown had and extra pair of white pants that he put on. When he was about to get in the font, his front zipper was completely down! It was really funny because just me, Marilou, and Ward Shimai saw. So Ward Shimai had to do some “discreet” hand motions to let him know. We died laughing! So When you baptized someone check your zipper first, that’s the moral of the story. Remember that when you go on a mission.


We received this postcard in the Month of August 2014, from Ward Shimai.

Ward Shimai's Postcard1

Ward Shimai's Postcard2


Thanks for the postcard. It was great. This postcard showcases all of my artistic talents, I hope you like it. I’ve had lots of fun being Sister Thompson’s companion. I’ve had her try lots of new foods like peaches, potato salad, and grape fruit. Also things like squid too. She’s great. I am so grateful for this chance to serve the Lord, and even though I won’t always wear a name tag, I hope to always be in the mission field. We really get a first had view of God’s work.
Thanks for everything,

Sister Ward

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One thought on “September 2014 Letters From Aubree/ Postcard from Ward Shimai

  1. Patty Ward

    Love reading missionary experiences from Sister Thompson point of view too. The pictures are great!

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