Love is Spoken Here ( Japan Week 19)

Aubree and her new Companion Papenfuss Shimai eating ice cream.

Aubree and her new Companion Papenfuss Shimai eating ice cream.


Since Ward shimai was transferring she had to do a lot of packing on last P-day. The people who pick up her luggage showed up a half hour early so we just started stuffing things in her bags. We got it all sorted out 🙂 Then we went out to dinner with this grandmother and her two grandkids. They come to Eikaiwa every week and they took us to sushi.


We went to Nagoya and I got my new companion Sister Papenfuss. She is half Japanese and grew up in America. She has been speaking Japanese her whole life so she is fluent, which is a really big help. She is super awesome and is majoring in Piano Performance. We got to take the Bullet train so that was pretty fun. That night when we went to leave for a lesson, we realized that sister Papenfuss’s bike had a problem. It was like the brakes were staying on part way. Thankfully we were able to borrow one of the Elder’s bikes and make it to our lesson.


We got sister Papenfuss’s bike fixed in the morning, they just put on new brakes for her. Then we went and visited our investigators the Tomitas. We have been teaching them the plan of salvation recently but I’m not sure if they understand it completely yet. They like to come up with really hard questions to ask us. We have been trying to use the scriptures a lot to answer their questions.


We visited a lot of less actives this day. One of them is the Sato couple. The wife is Filipino and the husband is Japanese. The husband is really into music and playing guitar so we invited them to come to church and hear our musical number.


We tried calling Watanabe shimai earlier in the week to make an appointment but he phone told us that it wasn’t working. We went to her house this day to check on her but she wasn’t home.


We went to Watanabe shimai’s house again and found out that she had bought a cell phone and canceled her other phone. She also had no idea how to use her phone so we taught her how. A member from another ward came and took us to dinner this night. They were taught by sister Papenfuss’s dad actually. So it was really cool to hear the story of how they were converted.


We had a really good lesson with our investigator Nakayama san about repentance. We talked about our it is how we change and become better people. We also invited her to think about baptism. At church Sister Papenfuss and I played a musical number “Love is Spoken Here” and it went really well.

I love you all!

Love, Thompson Shimai

These little fish that you put on rice.

These little fish that you put on rice.

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