Plans Change ( Japan Week 20)

September 21, 2014

This week has been really great! We have seen a lot of really cool things happen this week.

On Tuesday we had Zone Conference! It was really cool to be taught by President Yamashita and the other leaders. We learned a lot about using the book “Power of Everyday Missionaries”. We are using this book to talk to members about member missionary book. The book outlines how to do missionary work really simply as a member. We have started having “member investigators”, that means that we study out of the book and give them commitments just like an investigator. I think its a really good idea and from this the members will be able to do missionary work.

This week we tried to call Watanabe shimai a few times but she wasn’t answering. Then on Friday she answered and told us that we were the first ones she had talked on the phone with all week because she didn’t understand how to use her cell phone. When we went to her house on Saturday we practiced calling her and her calling us. I think that now she should be able to use her phone but just in case we are going to practice some more. She was able to talk to Ward shimai this week too so that made her really happy.

Yesterday our plans for the day switched three different times in about 5 minutes. I know that they were meant to though because we had an awesome lesson with one of our Filipino investigators. She has such strong faith. We didn’t have an appointment with her but she let us talk together for three hours! She just told us story after story about how she prayed to God and he created a miracle in her life. It was truly amazing listening to her. I could feel the spirit and the truthfulness of her words. I loved hearing her stories because it strengthened my faith as well.

This week we have been doing a lot of housing, we really want to find more investigators. We haven’t found any yet but I know that in Gods timing we will meet the people he has prepared for us.

I love you all 🙂

Love, Thompson 姉妹

Note From Aubree:

I’m reading the Book of Mormon for the third time, and started the New Testament today.

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