One Day We Talked To About 90 People ( Japan Week 24)

Week of October 26, 2014

Aubree with one of her new companions.

Aubree with on of her new companions.

This week has been lots of fun!

I’ve met so many people over the past few days, its hard to remember all of their names! On Tuesday we went to Nagoya and switched companions. I love being with sister Patrick and sister Ishida! It is so much fun being in a group of three 🙂 Its kind of interesting because when I speak just to Patrick shimai I speak English and when its just to Ishida shimai its in Japanese and when we talk together it is Japanese. Ishida shimai is really good at English, she went to Provo for a year and learned English so she understands a lot of what we say but it is easier for us to speak Japanese.

Also we don’t have an apartment, we have a house! Its is really nice.

Gokiso is such a big city! I haven’t even been to the big part of the city yet and I feel like it is huge! There are people everywhere. We talk to so many people everyday, one day we talked to about 90 people.

Our area is really small, we bike next to our boarder like everyday.

We had the ward Halloween party this week. It went really well, we had a lot of people come 🙂 we had 3 pinatas, a bat, SpongeBob, and Doraimon.

Aubree and the other missionaries going to the Halloween Party.

Aubree and the other missionaries going to the Halloween Party.

We started doing a new finding approach this week. Its how to decided where to house and OYM. It involves a lot of praying looking at the map and eventually we all choose the same street. Its really cool 🙂 We started housing yesterday and when we walked down the street we saw a family from the ward. They invited us over and had us for dinner. It was super nice and their kids were so funny!

I love you all!
Love, sister Thompson

Notes from Aubree:

For Pday we are going to go to this really big mall and shop. my bag broke last week so i need to buy another.

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