The Pokemon Center ( Japan Week 25)

November 3, 2014

Aubree's plaque that hangs in our ward building.

Aubree’s plaque that hangs in our ward building.

Hello everyone πŸ™‚ this week has been lots of fun!

On Monday we went to this giant outside mall. We only went through a small part and it took a long time. There is also a store called the Pokemon Center. It was so cool, its huge and its all just Pokemon things! Needless to say it was awesome πŸ™‚

Also on Monday we found a new investigator. We found him through housing. We gave him a pamphlet and asked if we could visit again and he said that was okay. We had thought he might have a family so we went back without a ward member. As it turns out he lives alone but he has so much interest! We decided to give him to the Elders because it would be easier for them to teach him.

On Wednesday we had Zone Training Conference. It was really good. We have a senior couple in our Zone. They talked for a part of it and it was really great! We did a practice lesson with another companionship about following the spirit.

After Zone Training I went on a companion exchange with sister Oda in Yokkaichi. It was lots of fun! We had a first lesson with their new investigator. It went really well πŸ™‚ their investigator actually has a Pug so I was really happy. We taught about prayer and getting answers from Heavenly Father.

Yesterday(Monday) we were invited to go to dinner with the Kellys. They are living here in Japan because Brother Kelly works for a company here. We went to Nagoya station and had Indian Curry. It was really good. They are so nice, they are going to Cosco this week and offered to buy American food for us haha.

It has started to get colder here finally. We have started to use our heater now. We heard that it might snow in February but for now we are safe from snow.

I love you all πŸ™‚

Love, sister Thompson

Notes from Aubree:

Since it was a holiday p day was changed so that we could try to meet with more people so it was kind of a normal day. Gokiso is just super big city. Its a lot different working here because you can’t visit members without an appointment either which is really hard.

I bought a Christmas present for myself this week haha.We went to a store called the Pokemon Center. I found Pikachu shaped cake pans!

I found a new bag. It has been starting to be cold. I am going to go shopping today for my winter clothes.

I think that I’m about half way now, because we have 11 transfers and I’m about half way though my 5th.

I will be done on August 10th, thats what sister Papenfuss told me, we go home at the same time.

We had a Halloween party at church but Japan as a whole doesn’t really celebrate it. They don’t do anything for thanksgiving. Its just a normal day.

This is the Pumpkin I made this year (Aubree's mom)

This is the Pumpkin I made this year (Aubree’s mom)

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