Its Going To Be So Much Fun!



This week we had transfer calls! I will be staying in Gokiso and Sister Samowitz is going to be my new companion 🙂 I’m super excited because she is just one transfer below me, so we were in the MTC together for 3 week. Back then we said that we would be companions some day 🙂 The funny thing is is that she is in Takabata right now and that is in the same district as Gokiso. She isn’t moving very far.

Sister Ishida went to the mission home today because she is finished. It was really sad saying bye to her. She helped me a lot with Japanese and was just super awesome!

Sister Patrick is going to Ichinomia with a transfer 2 bean, so she is going to be training.

This week we had a lot of appointments with members, it was a lot of fun! A lot of the members here have little kids so its really funny.

We were able to find a new investigator this week! She is a referral from the Fukutoku sisters. She used to take the lessons a long time ago but she got too busy. Now she is going to start with us again. We are going to teach her English as well but she has a lot of interest in the gospel.

I’m really excited for next transfer with sister Samowitz, its going to be so much fun!

Love you all!

Love, sister Thompson

Notes From Aubree:

I will just have one companion.

Missionaries (who are going home)go to the mission home on Monday and then go home Tuesday morning.

For Thanksgiving we went to the Marriott hotel and had dinner there with the American couple that lives here. It was a lot of fun 🙂







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