Happy New Year (Japan Week 34)

Aubree and her companions with their fun dip.

Aubree and her companions with their fun dip.

Happy New Year!

Its been a lot of fun spending this time on my mission.



We got to do a lot of fun things this week.

On Tuesday we went with a big group of members to eat yakiniku. It was a lot of fun! We had been told that we would each pay for ourselves, and we were totally fine with that but when the bill came, one of the members paid for all of us! It was so nice!





On the 1st in Japan everyone wakes up early to watch the sunrise. We tried to do that but, it was cloudy! We got to go with a member to the biggest Shrine in Nagoya city though. It is called Atsuta shrine. It was so big, and so many people were there! It was really interesting because even if you are not Buddhist you go to a shrine so it was super packed. That night we had dinner at the Bishop’s house. During the first week of the new year, they eat really weird food. Elder Sato and Sister Nakamura forced me to eat fish eggs. It was really gross and not something I want to eat again.





Yesterday we went to a members house for dinner. They own a Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki shop so they taught us how to make it. It was so good! I had had Okonomiyaki before but I didn’t like it but this time it was the best! Then we got to do two practice lessons with them. Sister Konno and I did a lesson about Joseph Smith and sister Nakamura and a young woman from the ward did a lesson about prayer. It was really good practice because they asked real questions that people could ask. We got a lot of good advice from them.

Today we are going to have our district activity. We are just going shopping in Sakae, which is the biggest part of Nagoya city.

Love you all!

Love, sister Thompson

Notes from Aubree:

Post offices were closed the 1,2,3.4th of Jan. On the 1st and 2nd like everything was closed.

Okay, we found out that the Brother and sister Ishii will be the ones to replace Elder and sister Yamashita.


An apartment they were trying to get to.

An apartment they were trying to get to.

An apartment they were trying to get to.

An apartment they were trying to get to.




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