She’s Running (Japan Week 43)

This week was really good.

Grecco Shimai made this for Aubree for her Birthday.

Grecco Shimai made this for Aubree for her Birthday.

Yesterday we had a really cool housing experience. We were just going along like normal, getting a lot of rejections when we came to the second to last door. On Japanese door bells, they can talk to you through it. When the woman answered, I just did our normal routine, telling her that we are missionaries, we teach about God, has she ever thought about God? Then she told me that she thinks about God when she is grateful or needs help. I then told her that our job was to teach who God is and why were are here on this Earth. I then felt prompted to ask her to meet again. She said yes! We made a next appointment with her for Saturday night! It was really a miracle I think.

We had Zone Conference this week. This time they stressed the need for preparation. We have to prepare more to teach our investigators. We have been trying to do better practice lessons this week, so we can really focus on the spirit instead of worrying about the Japanese.

Here is a funny experience that we had. The other night we were doing OYM on the way home when I stopped this one lady. I started talking to her and I started doing a short lesson 1. Normally after a minute or two they will just tell me they don’t have interest and I will move on. This lady just kept listening and she even answered my questions. I asked if we could meet again and she told me she was really busy. They funny part was, I looked down while I was putting my bag in my bike basket when I heard sister Grecco say “Look! She’s running!” When I looked, she was running away from us down an ally looking back at us as if we were going to follow her. It was the weirdest thing ever but it was so funny.

I love you all!

Love, Sister Thompson

Aubree made babanana and strawberry snacks.

Aubree made babanana and strawberry snacks.






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