“Wait, that’s my church!” (Japan Week 44)

We had a really good week this week 🙂

Aubree at a restaurant with a member.

Aubree at a restaurant with a member.

On Saturday we went to this Takoyaki shop. One of our less actives goes to that shop really often and so we left a note there for her, inviting her to the special devotional on Sunday. The owner of the shop is really nice and always gives us food. He asked us if we had time and I said “Sure.” Then while we were waiting a woman came and said hi to the owner. When she saw me she asked me why I was in Japan. I showed her my name tag and told her that we are church volunteers. When she read my tag she said “Wait, that’s my church!” It turns out that she was baptized in the river in Gifu area 25 years ago. She went less active and then she moved to Kasugai. She hadn’t talked to the missionaries since she had moved. She told us that she had seen the Elders a few times but she hadn’t talked to them. She was so happy to meet us that she cried! We exchanged phone numbers and she gave us her address. Then we were able to make a next appointment with her for this week. It was so inspiring to me that Heavenly Father really does know where all his children are.

Sunday night we had a special devotional with Elder Russell M. Nelson of the quorum of the twelve apostles. He gave the devotional from Tokyo but we were able to have it broadcast to our church building too. He said a lot of things that I really liked. His focus was helping members answer questions about the gospel in a simple way. One thing he said about members getting paid was “We teach for free what Christ gave us for free.” It is so simple and true. Some thing else he said about fasting was “Going hungry to help the hungry is sharing the burden in the Lords way.” He said a lot of simple phrases that can simply explain the gospel in a way that everyone can understand.

At the devotional we had an investigator that came. We asked him at the end which talk he had liked. He told us that he liked the last one(Elder Nelson). When I asked him why he told me that he (Elder Nelson) just had a different feel to him. He felt something when he was speaking. It was so cool to see the spirit testify to him that he was hearing from one of the Twelve Apostles.

I love you all!

Love, sister Thompson

Notes From Aubree:

All the IPads are in the mission home, we got an email this week telling us that. We are having training on Friday and within the next few weeks will have them. We haven’t been told how they are distributing them just that we don’t get them at the training.

After this I’m just going to practice violin because I we are doing the musical number in front of all the missionaries on Friday.Sister Papenfuss is playing piano and 3 sisters are singing.

Its going good, we have been able to meet with a lot more people recently.

Actually Japanese food doesn’t have as much flavor as American food. Like donuts here are sweet at all.








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