I’m Pretty Excited To Train ( Japan Week 46)

Aubree :)

Aubree 🙂

Sister Grecco and Aubree decorating eggs.

Sister Grecco and Aubree decorating eggs.

This week we were able to find a new investigator! She used to be an investigator and some how her and the sisters stopped talking. We called her and made an appointment for the next day 🙂 She is way nice. We were able to make a next appointment with her too! We are going to make Takoyaki together at her house.

We also had a really good lesson with our investigator Goto. We read together from Enos about prayer. It was really awesome because his wife is a member and was able to share an experience that she had had with prayer.

Sister Grecco is doing a lot better 🙂 We were able to leave the apartment for most of the week. She just needed to rest for part of the day on Tue. and Wed. Now we are just dendoing like normal 🙂

This week we also had transfer calls! We had them a week early because President Yamashita has to go to training in Utah the week that we would normally have transfers. Sister Grecco is going to transfer to Toyama. My next companion is going to be a bean chan. I’m pretty excited to train, I think it will be a lot of fun 🙂

I love you all!

Love, sister Thompson

Notes From Aubree:

Yesterday we went in primary and decorated eggs. Two of the kids brought friends with them 🙂 Yeah it was really cool 🙂 They were being missionaries too.They normally don’t dye eggs so it was the first time for them. But they used water that was dyed and then used paint brushes.I told them about easter egg hunts and how you use real eggs but if you can’t find one, in two months or so you can find it from the smell hahaha.

Decorating Easter Eggs

Decorating Easter Eggs


This week we had transfer calls. Since President Yamashita is a member of the seventy and his assignment as mission president ends in June, he has been called to go to General Conference for training and to receive his new assignment. So we had transfer calls a week early. We still transfer on the 7th though. Sister Grecco is transferring to Toyama. If you remember the word Yama means mountain. I’ve heard from other missionaries that it basically is that. My next companion is a bean chan.







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