The Good Samaritan ( Japan Week 49)

Aubree and Carey Shimai.

Aubree and Carey Shimai.

This week was really great! To start off, we got iPads on Tuesday! They are super useful for studying! I just have everything I need right here. It makes it really easy to cross reference things. We haven’t gotten to use them too much in lessons except to read the scriptures. This week we will probably get more of a chance to use them.

Aubree loves her ipad.

Aubree loves her ipad.

Aubree and the ipad :)

Aubree and the ipad 🙂

On Thursday night we had Eikaiwa (English class). Eikaiwa ends at 8 and after, the ward mission leader takes the missionaries out for donuts. We have to be home by 9 but we also have to take a train to get home. We took a train at 8:41, leaving only a little time to get home. Then when we were at the train station, we ran into a less active! This less active just happened to be so,done who we had been searching for! We had tried visiting her house several times but we couldn’t find it. Turns out she is completely fluent in English. We talked a little about general onference. Then she asked me if I could recite the First Vision in Japanese. I know Heavenly Father helped me to say it. Then she said it to us in English. She was so nice and it was perfect timing. She even told us when we can meet again! It was perfect because, since we had had a lesson we didn’t need to be home until 9:30. It was a blessing.

Japanese donuts.

Japanese donuts.

Japan Week49 photo10

Japan Week49 photo11

On Saturday went to visit a less active who’s name we had never heard. It was about an hour and a half bike ride and most of it was uphill. We get to where we are about five minutes from where this lady is when a member pulls up in her car beside us. She asked us where we were going and then we found out that the less active no longer lived there. Then the member was super nice and invited us to her house. I remembered the parable of the Good Samaritan. The member let us in and take a rest and gave us some snacks. Then on the way home, we got lost haha I used the gps in the phone and finally we found our way home. Since I had used the phone so much, it had lost all the battery but, that happened after we were in a place that we knew. When we got home, we were both so tired! We then realize though that we didn’t have the phone. We searched all over and didn’t find it that night, I even checked my basket but it wasn’t there. That night we prayed together and individually to be able to find it. I knew that God can work
miracles, so he could tell us where the phone was. The next morning when I prayed, I had an impression of where the phone was. On my basket, I have a cover, the phone was not in the basket but in the lip of the cover. We went downstairs and it was exactly as had been put in my head. It was mazing that Heavenly Father answered our prayers.

Yesterday we also got a referral from a member. We went to meet with them that night. They weren’t home but we decided to house the whole building. We were able to find a new investigator! She opened the door and told us that she had studied with a church before but hadn’t really felt anything. At the door she had a giant cardboard cut out of an anime character that sister Carey really likes. They started talking about that and the woman let us in. She gave us cake and then we did the whole first lesson. It was really cool 🙂 we were at her house for about an hour! I am really excited to meet with her again 🙂

I love you all!
Love, sister Thompson

Notes from Aubree:

The ipad is so easy to study with it, I think I am in love with the gospel library app haha. Now we don’t need to carry any books, except the ones to give away. We can take pictures and videos and send them home.

Aubree in the wet weather.

Aubree in the wet weather.

Japan Week49 photo2

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