Very Beautiful and Attractive :) (Japan Week 50)

Aubree and a random pug haha :)

Aubree and a random pug haha πŸ™‚

Last P-day sister Carey super glued her fingers together! She had been trying to glue her shoe together. She had been picking some of the extra glue off with her thumb and index finger when she realized that they wouldn’t come apart. She had to pick it apart with tweezers.

On Monday it was also raining in and off. We had an appointment that was about an hour bike ride. We had made it to the appointment with just a little bit of rain. When we finished, the rain had stopped. It was a little cold though so we just put on our rain coats. We were bout 5-10 minutes away from home when it just starts to dump rain. We didn’t put on our rain pants so our skirts just got super wet! Sister Carey’s skirt literally had a puddle of water in it as we biked. It was way fun πŸ™‚

We also found another investigator this week. We have been having a lot of success from doing OYM at the train station recently.

There is a middle school that is right next to our house. We had just left our house when a big group of kids where going home. We all stopped at a stop light. There were three boys that were close to us, and we could hear two of them telling one of them to talk to us. Then he says hello to us, it’s hard for Japanese people to pronounce L, because they don’t have it in Japanese. So it sounds like herro, it’s really cute haha. Then I asked him if he speaks English. He said “no speakie ” while waving his hand back and forth. Then as the light changed, he said “Very beautiful!” It was way funny. The about a minute later, we passed this woman who looked at us biking and said かっこいγͺ which means cool or attractive hahaha, it was an interesting ride to the church.

We had a relief society event that was watching the general woman’s session of general conference. Then we made ice cream sundaes together πŸ™‚

I love you all!

Love, sister Thompson

Notes from Aubree:

Today we are going to eat shabushabu:)

Today we are going to go to a recycle shop for clothes. I looked through my clothes when I brought out my summer clothes and I realized that I only had like 4 short sleeve shirts left haha.

Japan Week50 Photo1

Japan Week50 Photo2

Japan Week50 Photo3

Japan Week50 Photo4

Japan Week50 Photo5

Japan Week50 Photo6

Japan Week50 Photo7

Aubree and Carey Shimai.

Aubree and Carey Shimai.

Japan Week50 Photo9

Japan Week50 Photo10

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