Prayed To See A Miracle (Japan Week 57)

June 7, 2015

Last week at the kachigawa English class we only had 3 students come.
We decided that we needed to step it up! We had been dedicating an
hour every week to hand out flyers at kouzouji station for the
kouzouji English class. This week we did it at the kachigawa station
as well. Our efforts were rewarded by 4 new students coming to each

On Wednesday sister Carey and I were given blessings by the Elders. At
fast and testimony meeting, elder McClellan talked about it. That day
the he and his companion prayed to see a miracle. They had an
appointment set up with an investigator but, he canceled. They just
thought ” This isn’t a miracle.” Then we called them and asked for a
blessing. If the investigator hadn’t canceled, they wouldn’t have been
able to come right then. Right after we got off the phone they got
another call from a man they had met on the street a few days ago.
They were able to set up an appointment with him. Elder McClellan then
closed by testifying that God is a God of miracles. It was so cool to
hear the whole story.

This week we were just OYMing on our way to eat when we ran into this
couple. We told them that we were missionaries and asked if they had
been to church before. They told us they had been to our church
before. We were astonished! Then the woman goes inside and this less
active walks out of the house. We talk to this less active quite
frequently but, it was always at the train station. It turns out we
OYMed her nonmember parents. They were really nice. We were way
surprised though!

Yesterday we also went to look at fireflies. We walked along a path
near this river. There wasn’t a whole ton, we saw about 7 or so. It
was really cool 🙂 it was a ward activity.

I love you all!
Love, Aubree

Japan Week 57

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