Pizza, Pj’s, Pamper :) (Japan Week 59)

Japan Week 59 Photo2

June 21, 2015

This week we had so many funny things happen. Mainly on Thursday and
Saturday. On Thursday we had eikaiwa πŸ™‚ we are having so many new
students coming every week! We are having so many that we have to
change to a bigger room! We usually play a game at the end and so this
week we taught them “old McDonald had a farm” it was so funny we took
a video πŸ™‚

So our kitchen haas been having this weird smell for a while. We had
just thought it was the sink. Then on Thursday morning I opened the
cabinet under the sink and the smell was so rancid. Someone had placed
potatoes in a plastic container and left it there. I didn’t know about
it and I’ve been here for 4 months so I don’t want to know how long it
was there but it was wet, nasty, and crawling with bugs. I grabbed it
and threw it in the trash can. Trash day was the next day so we
figured it would be fine. When we got home, Carey shimai threw
something away and an army of nats flew out, Carey shimai ran and I
closed the kitchen door behind her. Our solution was to close the
door. We got permission to have help from the elders to dispose of the
trash. They came over to our apartment on Saturday. They were there
for 3 hours cleaning and we just got to sit outside haha we took a
time lapse of it. They did so much! We went to the store nearby and
bought them ice cream after. They gave us a bunch of instructions as
to what to do to keep it clean haha

On Saturday night we had a P-Night activity. We did Pizza, Pj’s,
Pamper πŸ™‚ we had about 20 people come! We all made pizza together
first and then we did face masks and painted our nails. It was so much
fun! We had about 5 eikaiwa students come too. We shared a message at
the end about the spirit, that is what the video is. We shared the
same message in primary the next day.
I love you all!
Love, Aubree

Notes from Aubree:
Aubree is staying in Kasugai for the remainder of her mission. It is a seven week transfer.

The kimono was given to us as a gift from an investigator πŸ™‚

Japan Week 59 Photo3

Japan Week 59 Photo4

Japan Week 59 Photo5

Japan Week 59 Photo6

Japan Week 59 Photo7

Japan Week 59 Photo8

Japan Week 59 Photo9

Japan Week 59 Photo10

Japan Week 59 Photo11

Japan Week 59 Photo12

Japan Week 59 Photo14

Japan Week 59 Photo15

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