Watch Out For Polls (Japan Week 58)

Aubree the bowling pin :)

Aubree the bowling pin 🙂

June 15, 2015

Warning: watch out for polls, they jump right in front of you when you
least expect it. So we were biking, looking for a good place to house.
We were literally 4 minutes from
home. We go over this bridge and I’m just looking around, not paying
attention when I see this poll right in front of me. I tried
swerving/breaking but I was also on a little hill so I went air born!
That’s when my companion turned around to see me in the air. Basically
I fell and the bike slammed on top of me. I Heard my companions
footsteps as she ran toward me. I yelled ” help me! I can’t move!”
Then she lifted the bike off of me. My helmet was all askew and my
companion took it off for me. I only got minor scrapes and bruises but
it hurt haha we just sat there for about 5 minutes. Then we walked
home and bandaged me up. Later as I was thinking, this seemed to be
comparable to the atonement. I made a mistake (Not watching and then
hitting the poll) and was put under a heavy weight ( weight of sin)
but when I asked my companion for help she lifted it away from me.
Christ is the one who can lift the burden of sin from us.

Japan Week 58 Photo5

Japan Week 58 Photo4

Japan Week 58 Photo3
We also got to go to Nagoya castle on Saturday. We had a lot of people
show up, it was way cool 🙂 we walked around it for probably 3 hours.
I took a lot of pictures. A lot of the original structure was burned
down during world war 2. Right now they are in the middle of
Love you all!
Love, sister Thompson

Notes From Aubree:

Hi! We just got done with our district activity. We ate ramen and then we went bowling.

Japan Week 58 Photo1

Japan Week 58 Photo30

Japan Week 58 Photo29

Japan Week 58 Photo28

Japan Week 58 Photo27

Japan Week 58 Photo26

Japan Week 58 Photo25

Japan Week 58 Photo24

Japan Week 58 Photo23

Japan Week 58 Photo22

Japan Week 58 Photo21

Japan Week 58 Photo20

Japan Week 58 Photo19

Japan Week 58 Photo18

Japan Week 58 Photo17

Japan Week 58 Photo16

Japan Week 58 Photo15

Japan Week 58 Photo14

Japan Week 58 Photo13

Japan Week 58 Photo12

Japan Week 58 Photo11

Japan Week 58 Photo10

Japan Week 58 Photo9

Japan Week 58 Photo8

Japan Week 58 Photo7

Japan Week 58 Photo6

Japan Week 58 Photo2

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