We Found Three Investigators ( Japan Week 62)

Japan Week62 Photo9

This week was good 🙂 we were able to find three investigators! It’s great because we teach all of them in English. Two of them are a members’ mom and sister. We have met with them a few times but were never able to set a next appointment. On Sunday we taught them about the plan of salvation and how we can be with our families forever. They then asked us ” how do we get to the celestial kingdom.” We explained that there are 5 steps, which is the gospel of Jesus Christ. We were able to set an appointment for next week to discuss the 5 steps.

This week it was a members birthday! He is the only one in young men’s. My companion and I went early and helped his mom cook. Then we all had a big lunch and went to a Filipino shop and ate hulahula. It’s like shave ice but it has a bunch of fruit and seeds it in.

There is a cute little boy named Ta kun in our Ward. He is about 3 years old. We went and visited his family the other day and he was so cute! He loved my companion haha he kept calling her Anesan which means older sister. Sometimes he would switch it up and call her Onisan which means older brother. He was just a little ball of energy!

Japan Week62 Photo1

Japan Week62 Photo2

Japan Week62 Photo3

Japan Week62 Photo4

Japan Week62 Photo5

Japan Week62 Photo6

Japan Week62 Photo7

Japan Week62 Photo8
Also it’s getting suuuuuper hot! And humid! Everyday I get surprised by how hot it is. We visited this member who lives pretty far from us, about an hour bike ride. The first half wasn’t too bad but then we got to the hills… It was the hottest, stickiest ride of my life haha by the time we got the the appointment, we were dead haha it was fun on the way home though because we got to go down all of the hills.
I love you all!
Love, sister Thompson

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