Watch Out For Polls (Japan Week 58)

Aubree the bowling pin :)

Aubree the bowling pin 🙂

June 15, 2015

Warning: watch out for polls, they jump right in front of you when you
least expect it. So we were biking, looking for a good place to house.
We were literally 4 minutes from
home. We go over this bridge and I’m just looking around, not paying
attention when I see this poll right in front of me. I tried
swerving/breaking but I was also on a little hill so I went air born!
That’s when my companion turned around to see me in the air. Basically
I fell and the bike slammed on top of me. I Heard my companions
footsteps as she ran toward me. I yelled ” help me! I can’t move!”
Then she lifted the bike off of me. My helmet was all askew and my
companion took it off for me. I only got minor scrapes and bruises but
it hurt haha we just sat there for about 5 minutes. Then we walked
home and bandaged me up. Later as I was thinking, this seemed to be
comparable to the atonement. I made a mistake (Not watching and then
hitting the poll) and was put under a heavy weight ( weight of sin)
but when I asked my companion for help she lifted it away from me.
Christ is the one who can lift the burden of sin from us.

Japan Week 58 Photo5

Japan Week 58 Photo4

Japan Week 58 Photo3
We also got to go to Nagoya castle on Saturday. We had a lot of people
show up, it was way cool 🙂 we walked around it for probably 3 hours.
I took a lot of pictures. A lot of the original structure was burned
down during world war 2. Right now they are in the middle of
Love you all!
Love, sister Thompson

Notes From Aubree:

Hi! We just got done with our district activity. We ate ramen and then we went bowling.

Japan Week 58 Photo1

Japan Week 58 Photo30

Japan Week 58 Photo29

Japan Week 58 Photo28

Japan Week 58 Photo27

Japan Week 58 Photo26

Japan Week 58 Photo25

Japan Week 58 Photo24

Japan Week 58 Photo23

Japan Week 58 Photo22

Japan Week 58 Photo21

Japan Week 58 Photo20

Japan Week 58 Photo19

Japan Week 58 Photo18

Japan Week 58 Photo17

Japan Week 58 Photo16

Japan Week 58 Photo15

Japan Week 58 Photo14

Japan Week 58 Photo13

Japan Week 58 Photo12

Japan Week 58 Photo11

Japan Week 58 Photo10

Japan Week 58 Photo9

Japan Week 58 Photo8

Japan Week 58 Photo7

Japan Week 58 Photo6

Japan Week 58 Photo2

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A Cold and Bike Accident # 2 ( Japan Week 27)

Smiley Aubree

Smiley Aubree

Aubree with Patrick Shimai.

Aubree with Patrick Shimai.

Aubree with Ishida Shimai.

Aubree with Ishida Shimai.

My Beautiful Aubree

My Beautiful Aubree


It’s been really long week; I got sick with a cold on Tuesday. I went to the doctor today though and they gave me a bunch of medicine so I should be

better in the next few days. I’m better than I was. We are just taking it easy today so that hopefully I get better in the next few days. It’s kind of

funny though because in Japan when you are sick you have to wear a face mask, like what a doctor would wear. I am wearing a face mask; it’s pretty

common to see people wear them.

Aubree with the mask.

Aubree with the mask.

Aubree with her mask

Aubree with her mask

That’s not the only thing that happened, I got in another bike accident haha I’m totally fine though. So we were biking in a line. Patrick Shimai was

first then me then Ishida Shimai. I was looking ahead for the next person we were going to to talk to when Patrick Shimai suddenly stopped. She had

seen a post box and stopped really quickly. She had turned to tell us she was stopping but I hit her right as she was doing that. I didn’t break at

all haha. I hit my hand and it was a little bruised but it is better now. I already got a blessing 🙂 Patrick Shimai is fine, I killed her basket. For

like two days I had to just use my left hand, its hard using chopsticks with the left hand.

Its starting to get cold, I normally wear the long leggings and a light coat.

I’m gonna go now, I love you !

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It Was A Miracle ( Japan Week 22)

We found the skinniest house ever!

We found the skinniest house ever!

I got to make a cake for Elder Browns Birthday.

I got to make a cake for Elder Browns Birthday.

This week we had a really cool experience. By Thursday my foot was still hurting and I needed crutches to walk. We had been trying to visit people by using the bus but it was really hard. We also had interviews with President Yamashita. After that we went to the doctor again. They decided to take an X-Ray again because it shouldn’t have been hurting still but, it looked fine. They did rehabilitation on it, which was putting Ultrasound Waves on it. It was really interesting.

That night we decided to visit our investigator and go by bus. We got there fine and had a good lesson but when we were coming back we missed our bus stop. Then we tried to find a bus stop that would take us back home but it was really confusing. We were trying to find the 70 bus but all we saw was the 20 bus. We later found out that the 70 was called the 20 when it was coming back but we didn’t know that at the time. So we just walked home, it was about 1.5km, and I did it on crutches. When I got home I was so tired.

The next morning when I woke up though, I could walk and even rode my bike! It was really amazing. I think that it was a miracle that I healed so quickly. It was because we showed our faith in still meeting with people even though it was hard. Since then we have been able to go about our normal activities.

On Wednesday it was Elder Brown’s birthday. We went to a members house for dinner to celebrate. Because my foot was still hurt I had the chance to bake a cake and decorate it. It was really fun getting to decorate a cake again, it had been a long time since I had got to do that.

The Birthday Cake I made for Elder Brown.

The Birthday Cake I made for Elder Brown.

 This was how I got the bowl to the table.hahaha I wiped it out before I used it.

This was how I got the bowl to the table.hahaha I wiped it out before I used it.

On Friday we went and tried to visit our investigator but she wasn’t home. So we decided to go check out this giant park that was on the map. We saw that we would have to bike though a tunnel to get to the other side of the mountain that was in the way. It wasn’t very long but it was a sketchy tunnel! It was super random too. When we got to the other side we were just in the middle of nowhere! All that was around us was some random factories. The park wasn’t really a park it was just wilderness.

Sketchy Tunnel.

Sketchy Tunnel.

Sketchy Tunnel.

Sketchy Tunnel.

Papenfuss Shimai.

Papenfuss Shimai.

Japan Week22 Photo10

We also have a new investigator this week! It is one of the parents of a kid that goes to our kid English class. They are interested in learning English and so we him English and a church lesson. We have our second lesson set up for next week 🙂

I love you all!

love, Sister Thompson

Elder Yamada wanted to try my crutches.

Elder Yamada wanted to try my crutches.

Notes from Aubree

The Typhoon was bad this morning but it is fine now. Not even raining anymore.

The parking lot flooded from all the rain haha but it is draining now. We didn’t even get that much wind. Just rain.

Water in parking lot, used to be more but it had started draining.

Water in parking lot, used to be more but it had started draining.

They have really good candy here 🙂 You know what sister Papenfuss’s mom does? She orders things off of Amazon Japan and sends it using Prime. But Amazon Japan is in Japanese obviously, but if you could figure that out it would be less expensive to send I think.

I had slept a little extra the next day but I am doing good now. My armpits aren’t sore anymore.

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A Women Carried Me on Her Back ( Japan Week 21)

Aubree and her crutches.

Aubree and her crutches.

This week has been kind of a weird week because on Wednesday night I sprained my ankle and now I can’t walk or ride a bike.

I was riding my bike and we were going to an appointment in the rain. I was on the road and decided to go on the side walk so I wouldn’t be next to the cars. When I tried to go up the lip of the sidewalk my bike slipped and I fell on my left side and twisted my right ankle. I was really lucky because I crashed right in front of a Circle K and two women saw me. They ran over and helped me get inside. When they saw that I couldn’t walk, one of them carried me on their back.

Then the people working at Circle K gave me a chair and some ice while they washed off my foot and my left knee that got scraped. It would have been worse too if I had not been wearing my rain coat because my knee didn’t touch the ground directly. After we had iced my ankle for 20 minutes one of the women took us home in her car and the Elders came and got our bikes for us. We were really close to home thankfully.

I went to the doctor the next day and the doctor told me it would be a week before I could walk. I have slowly been getting better. I am hoping to be able to walk within the next few days.

Sister Papenfuss and I have had a lot of time on our hands since we can’t go anywhere right now. We have been practicing music a lot at the church. To keep ourselves occupied we have told each other a bunch of stories. I told her the plot of a three book series. We sang movie themes for about an hour. We play a game of drawing a person while the other guesses who it is.

On Wednesday afternoon we had a good experience. We went to city hall and a bunch of different places down town. We were talking to a lot of people about service opportunities that we could do. We were able to talk to all of these people about why we are here in Japan because they all wondered why some Americans would want to do service for the city. We were able to find out the dates for all of the service projects for next month and are looking forward to helping.

I love you all!

Love, Sister Thompson

Note From Aubree:

The doctor said it would be about a week till I can walk. On Thursday I am going back to the doctor and they will give me a brace.

It happened Wednesday night. I wasn’t in a lot of pain because It surprised me so much. I will be on crutches for hopefully just a few more days. I tried standing today but it still puts a lot of strain on my foot.

The doctor was good, my companion is fluent so it was really easy. They took three X-Rays and it is just a sprain.

We asked Aubree how she got to the doctor, We took a taxi.

We speak in English, sometimes she tells me Japanese fairy tales in Japanese and I translate it into English for language study. She helps me write kanji too.

Well I started reading the old testament two days ago and am already past Genesis. We have been practicing music at the church for 2-3 hours everyday. and drawing pictures and guessing who it is. Telling stories. I told her the whole plot of a three book series.

Sister papenfuss wraped my foot for me. The wraping was took thick for me to feel the ice so we wrapped it with the ice packs haha.

Aubree sitting in her apartment hallway because they couldn't figure out how to move her.

Aubree sitting in her apartment hallway because they couldn’t figure out how to move her.

I had to sit by the front door for a while because we couldn’t figure out how to move me.

Sister Pappenfuss wrapping Aubrees's foot.

Sister Pappenfuss wrapping Aubrees’s foot.

This is how I got to the church a few times. The Elders pushed me on my bike.

To get Aubree to the church the Elders would push her on her bike.

To get Aubree to the church the Elders would push her on her bike.

The two in the picture is Elder Brown and Elder Graff. Elder Graff is in Fujieda area but was on a companion exchange with Elder Brown that day.

The night it happened the Elder bought us mochi ice cream. Mochi is really good with this thing called Anko. Which is a sweet bean paste.

Elder Brown and Elder Yamada gave me a blessing yesterday.

Yeah, well I have gone up the curb a bunch of times before so I wasn’t paying attention. I was mostly thinking about going fast so that we could get to our lesson on time.

I got these medicine pads from the doctor that are like compressors. I put them on my foot twice a day. Yeah I don’t know, I haven’t seen pads like these before. It is sticky on the side that you put on your foot and just feels like it has icy hot.

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