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Elders Eat A Lot (Japan Week 61)

July 5, 2015

Japan Week61 Photo1

One of the members mom here is really good at knitting. We call her ishikawa obaachan. She is soooo cute! We went to her house this week
to learn how to knit. She would take our needles and do a bit for us, set it in our lap and say “hai!” Which means yes. That was the extent
of the lesson haha she just kept telling us that we were 下手or unskilled, but it was true haha.

Saturday was super busy for us! We had a lesson with our investigators and ate lunch with them, we had temakizushi. You take seaweed and put rice and fish on it, then you dip it in soy sauce. It was super good πŸ™‚ it was kind of sad though because it was our last lesson. We had been teaching them English and about church but we can only do that for 6 weeks. We took them Tim Tams and hot chocolate and did a Tim Tam Slam with them πŸ™‚ after the lesson we were super full but we promised the elders we would go to dinner with them.

Japan Week61 Photo2

Japan Week61 Photo3

Japan Week61 Photo4

Japan Week61 Photo5

Japan Week61 Photo6

For the 4th of July, we went out with the elders to eat Yakiniku. Basically you have a grill in the middle of the table and you cook lots and lots of meat. It was all you can eat, and the elders eat a lot! It was really good but sooooo expensive! We spent about 3700円 each!

Japan Week61 Photo7

Japan Week61 Photo8

Japan Week61 Photo11

Japan Week61 Photo12

Japan Week61 Photo13

Japan Week61 Photo16

Japan Week61 Photo17

Japan Week61 Photo18

After that, we had a lesson with a less active back at kachigawa station. The only problem was that we were about a 30 minute walk from the station and we would never make in time. Also, it was raining, a lot. The elders were super nice and let us borrow their bikes and rain coats. We gave them our umbrellas and they walked to the station. Thankfully we were able to make it to the appointment πŸ™‚

We also got the fruits basket from the ward yesterday. The ward here is soooo generous! We got so much chocolate from them! I don’t think I’ll ever finish it!

Japan Week61 Photo9

Japan Week61 Photo10

I love you all!
Love, sister Thompson

Notes From Aubree:

btw I was just talking to the bishop and since you guys are coming here, he wants you and daddy to give a five minute testimony. You guys will speak in English and I will translate.

Japan Week61 Photo14

Japan Week61 Photo15

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We Made Chocolate (Japan Week 60)

June 28, 2015

This week my bike decided to break. We were just biking on a flat,straight road when I heard and felt the bike freak out. The gear shifter entered the spokes of my tire and my chain was off. We had to just walk it home. The next day, the Bishop came and took our bikes to the shop for us. It was just a downpour and would be a little difficult to push the bike and hold an umbrella. It took just under an hour to walk to the bike shop. They told me that it would take about a week to fix it. Until then, they gave me a mamachari to use. Which look super nice, they are what everyone here uses but they are soooo tiring!! We biked to Goto kyoudai’s house last night and I pretty much died haha it took us an hour and 20 minutes to get there. Normally we can do it 50 minutes or so. When we got home I just layer on the couch for like 20 minutes and almost feel asleep. We went to our investigators house this week and made chocolates to get her with them and their friend πŸ™‚ it was so much fun! Then she taught us how to make inari sushi which is Carey shimai’s favorite. It was so much fun!

I love you all!

Love sister Thompson

Notes From Aubree:

I met the new mission president about a month ago when he came to our
ward. He comes in tomorrow as president. Today we aren’t doing too
much, just relaxing.

Can we eat spaghetti when I come back?

Sister Urling is going home as well, there is 8 sisters going home including me.

Yeah I’m excited to sleep in a bed haha.

Japan Week 60 Photo1

Japan Week 60 Photo2

Japan Week 60 Photo3

Japan Week 60 Photo4

Japan Week 60 Photo5

Japan Week 60 Photo6

Japan Week 60 Photo7

Japan Week 60 Photo8

Japan Week 60 Photo9

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Pizza, Pj’s, Pamper :) (Japan Week 59)

Japan Week 59 Photo2

June 21, 2015

This week we had so many funny things happen. Mainly on Thursday and
Saturday. On Thursday we had eikaiwa πŸ™‚ we are having so many new
students coming every week! We are having so many that we have to
change to a bigger room! We usually play a game at the end and so this
week we taught them “old McDonald had a farm” it was so funny we took
a video πŸ™‚

So our kitchen haas been having this weird smell for a while. We had
just thought it was the sink. Then on Thursday morning I opened the
cabinet under the sink and the smell was so rancid. Someone had placed
potatoes in a plastic container and left it there. I didn’t know about
it and I’ve been here for 4 months so I don’t want to know how long it
was there but it was wet, nasty, and crawling with bugs. I grabbed it
and threw it in the trash can. Trash day was the next day so we
figured it would be fine. When we got home, Carey shimai threw
something away and an army of nats flew out, Carey shimai ran and I
closed the kitchen door behind her. Our solution was to close the
door. We got permission to have help from the elders to dispose of the
trash. They came over to our apartment on Saturday. They were there
for 3 hours cleaning and we just got to sit outside haha we took a
time lapse of it. They did so much! We went to the store nearby and
bought them ice cream after. They gave us a bunch of instructions as
to what to do to keep it clean haha

On Saturday night we had a P-Night activity. We did Pizza, Pj’s,
Pamper πŸ™‚ we had about 20 people come! We all made pizza together
first and then we did face masks and painted our nails. It was so much
fun! We had about 5 eikaiwa students come too. We shared a message at
the end about the spirit, that is what the video is. We shared the
same message in primary the next day.
I love you all!
Love, Aubree

Notes from Aubree:
Aubree is staying in Kasugai for the remainder of her mission. It is a seven week transfer.

The kimono was given to us as a gift from an investigator πŸ™‚

Japan Week 59 Photo3

Japan Week 59 Photo4

Japan Week 59 Photo5

Japan Week 59 Photo6

Japan Week 59 Photo7

Japan Week 59 Photo8

Japan Week 59 Photo9

Japan Week 59 Photo10

Japan Week 59 Photo11

Japan Week 59 Photo12

Japan Week 59 Photo14

Japan Week 59 Photo15

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Watch Out For Polls (Japan Week 58)

Aubree the bowling pin :)

Aubree the bowling pin πŸ™‚

June 15, 2015

Warning: watch out for polls, they jump right in front of you when you
least expect it. So we were biking, looking for a good place to house.
We were literally 4 minutes from
home. We go over this bridge and I’m just looking around, not paying
attention when I see this poll right in front of me. I tried
swerving/breaking but I was also on a little hill so I went air born!
That’s when my companion turned around to see me in the air. Basically
I fell and the bike slammed on top of me. I Heard my companions
footsteps as she ran toward me. I yelled ” help me! I can’t move!”
Then she lifted the bike off of me. My helmet was all askew and my
companion took it off for me. I only got minor scrapes and bruises but
it hurt haha we just sat there for about 5 minutes. Then we walked
home and bandaged me up. Later as I was thinking, this seemed to be
comparable to the atonement. I made a mistake (Not watching and then
hitting the poll) and was put under a heavy weight ( weight of sin)
but when I asked my companion for help she lifted it away from me.
Christ is the one who can lift the burden of sin from us.

Japan Week 58 Photo5

Japan Week 58 Photo4

Japan Week 58 Photo3
We also got to go to Nagoya castle on Saturday. We had a lot of people
show up, it was way cool πŸ™‚ we walked around it for probably 3 hours.
I took a lot of pictures. A lot of the original structure was burned
down during world war 2. Right now they are in the middle of
Love you all!
Love, sister Thompson

Notes From Aubree:

Hi! We just got done with our district activity. We ate ramen and then we went bowling.

Japan Week 58 Photo1

Japan Week 58 Photo30

Japan Week 58 Photo29

Japan Week 58 Photo28

Japan Week 58 Photo27

Japan Week 58 Photo26

Japan Week 58 Photo25

Japan Week 58 Photo24

Japan Week 58 Photo23

Japan Week 58 Photo22

Japan Week 58 Photo21

Japan Week 58 Photo20

Japan Week 58 Photo19

Japan Week 58 Photo18

Japan Week 58 Photo17

Japan Week 58 Photo16

Japan Week 58 Photo15

Japan Week 58 Photo14

Japan Week 58 Photo13

Japan Week 58 Photo12

Japan Week 58 Photo11

Japan Week 58 Photo10

Japan Week 58 Photo9

Japan Week 58 Photo8

Japan Week 58 Photo7

Japan Week 58 Photo6

Japan Week 58 Photo2

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Heavenly Father Really Knows Where All His Children Are (Japan Week 55)

May 24, 2015
Aubree wishing her Sister Ashlynn A Happy Birthday from Japan πŸ™‚

Printing Flyers

On Thursday we chose a random spot to do housing. We just looked on the map and choose a spot with lots of houses. We when a long just like normal and we got a few people to talk to us. Then we knock on this one door and a woman comes out. She sees us and says “Oh is there only two of you today? Come on inside.” Turns out she is a less active. She was baptized 30 years ago in Kyoto. Then she went less active and moved to kasugai. It sounds like she has met with the missionaries here before but we don’t have her records here. We were able to hear her conversion story. Then she gave us her phone number and told us to come anytime πŸ™‚ super cool! Heavenly Father really knows where all his children are. We also got to go to the BYU Wind Symphony this week. It was so good! There was so many missionaries and nonmemebers. It was really fun because I got to see a lot of members from Gokiso ward and Takabata ward.
Yesterday President Ishii (next mission president) came to our ward. In preparation for being the mission president, he has to go to different wards and observe their Missionary Coordination Meeting and the Ward Council Meeting. He also gave a talk during sacrament meeting. He is way cool, his English is almost perfect. Goto kyoudai also got confirmed on Sunday! It was so awesome! We could all feel the spirit so strongly!

I love you all!
Love, sister Thompson

Notes From Aubree:

Two of our Eikaiwa students became investigators this week!

Japan Week55 Photo3

Japan Week55 Photo4

Japan Week55 Photo5

Japan Week55 Photo1

Japan Week55 Photo2

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Awkward Turtle (Japan Week54)

Japan Week54 Photo11

May 17, 2015

Yesterday Brother Goto got baptized! He is so awesome. From when I first met him to now, he has changed so much. It was really great because his wife is a member. She was so happy. They got married 10 years ago and since then, she has been hoping for him to be baptized. Now next year, they can get sealed in the temple! The Elders also brought two investigators that have baptism dates. It was really good for them to be able to see. As you can see from the pictures, Brother Goto is really tall. The man he asked to do the baptism was the first councilor in the bishopric. He just so happened to be a tiny 70 year old man. When we filled up the fount, it looked so shallow, we weren’t sure how it was going to work. I was nervous that they would have to preform it more than once but it was right the first time.

One of the Elder’s investigators is Filipino and does speak much Japanese. In Japanese, Ohaiyo means good morning. He said that to one of the members. Then the member said ” are you from the state of Ohio?” It was so funny.

Our Eikaiwa class(English class) in kozouji is so funny. We always teach them funny things. Last week we taught them what awkward turtle is. Now they all use it when someone messes up haha We also all go to eat donuts after class each week. It really good for a dendo tool because we can make good relationships with them.

I love you all!
Love, sister Thompson

Notes From Aubree:

We’re going to the BYU wind symphony on Wednesday πŸ™‚

Today we are going to a mall that is near here.

I have been in Kasugai 3 months, as of the next transfer it will be 4 1/2 months but if I stay until the end it will be 6 months.

Japan Week54 Photo7

Japan Week54 Photo8

Japan Week54 Photo9

Japan Week54 Photo10

Japan Week54 Photo12

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Mothers Day 2015 (Japan Week52)

May 10, 2015

Mothers Day Google Hangout on Air with Aubree from Japan.

Aubree playing Love is Spoken here on her violin.

Aubree jumping πŸ™‚

Aubree and Sister Carey freezing.

Aubree leaving a note.

Aubree and Sister Carey soaking wet.

Japan Week52 Photo1



Japan Week52 Photo3

Japan Week52 Photo4



Japan Week52 Photo6



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Feed Me Spiritually (Japan Week51)

href=””>Aubree, Sister Carey, and their ward mission leader. Aubree, Sister Carey, and their ward mission leader.[/caption]

Aubree, Sister Carey, and their ward mission leader.

Aubree, Sister Carey, and their ward mission leader.

Japan Week51 Photo6

Japan Week51 Photo5

Aubree :)

Aubree πŸ™‚

Aubree's nametag and scriptures.

Aubree’s nametag and scriptures.

May 3, 2015

On Tuesday, we got a call from a less active, and she wanted to meet about an hour after she called us. When we met she gave us banana
bread and told us “Now that I fed you physically, feed me spiritually.” It was amazing be cause as we talked, she shared with us her
conversion story. It was really touching. She really has such a strong testimony.

We also got to meet with this woman who, she isn’t an investigator yet but, she has potential. Every time we meet we just talk right outside
her door. She always is carrying her dog. She doesn’t talk a whole lot so whenever we have an awkward pause, we just fall back on petting the
dog. We have been trying to not have these awkward pauses but it is so hard!

We have been meeting with our investigator Goto a lot this week. We have been talking a lot about baptism with him. We had an amazing lesson, and we had an awesome member come with us. We watched the video of Christ getting baptized off of our iPad with him and his wife. We all were testifying about it and today he is going to pray about it. After his lesson, we just felt so good, they spirit had been so strong.

I love you all!
Love, sister Thompson

Notes from Aubree:

I think I will call at like 10:30 next week on Monday for Mothers Day, does that work?

We just got a message form our investigator who had said he would pray about getting baptized, and he said he will!!
He will be baptized in 2 weeks!

Japan Week51 Photo 13

Japan Week51 Photo14

Japan Week51 Photo12

Japan Week51 Photo10

Japan Week51 Photo9

Japan Week51 Photo8

Japan Week51 Photo7

Japan Week51 Photo17

Japan Week51 Photo21

Japan Week51 Photo20

[caption id="attachment_1180" align="alignright" width="690"]Sister Carey Sister Carey

Japan Week51 Photo18

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The Good Samaritan ( Japan Week 49)

Aubree and Carey Shimai.

Aubree and Carey Shimai.

This week was really great! To start off, we got iPads on Tuesday! They are super useful for studying! I just have everything I need right here. It makes it really easy to cross reference things. We haven’t gotten to use them too much in lessons except to read the scriptures. This week we will probably get more of a chance to use them.

Aubree loves her ipad.

Aubree loves her ipad.

Aubree and the ipad :)

Aubree and the ipad πŸ™‚

On Thursday night we had Eikaiwa (English class). Eikaiwa ends at 8 and after, the ward mission leader takes the missionaries out for donuts. We have to be home by 9 but we also have to take a train to get home. We took a train at 8:41, leaving only a little time to get home. Then when we were at the train station, we ran into a less active! This less active just happened to be so,done who we had been searching for! We had tried visiting her house several times but we couldn’t find it. Turns out she is completely fluent in English. We talked a little about general onference. Then she asked me if I could recite the First Vision in Japanese. I know Heavenly Father helped me to say it. Then she said it to us in English. She was so nice and it was perfect timing. She even told us when we can meet again! It was perfect because, since we had had a lesson we didn’t need to be home until 9:30. It was a blessing.

Japanese donuts.

Japanese donuts.

Japan Week49 photo10

Japan Week49 photo11

On Saturday went to visit a less active who’s name we had never heard. It was about an hour and a half bike ride and most of it was uphill. We get to where we are about five minutes from where this lady is when a member pulls up in her car beside us. She asked us where we were going and then we found out that the less active no longer lived there. Then the member was super nice and invited us to her house. I remembered the parable of the Good Samaritan. The member let us in and take a rest and gave us some snacks. Then on the way home, we got lost haha I used the gps in the phone and finally we found our way home. Since I had used the phone so much, it had lost all the battery but, that happened after we were in a place that we knew. When we got home, we were both so tired! We then realize though that we didn’t have the phone. We searched all over and didn’t find it that night, I even checked my basket but it wasn’t there. That night we prayed together and individually to be able to find it. I knew that God can work
miracles, so he could tell us where the phone was. The next morning when I prayed, I had an impression of where the phone was. On my basket, I have a cover, the phone was not in the basket but in the lip of the cover. We went downstairs and it was exactly as had been put in my head. It was mazing that Heavenly Father answered our prayers.

Yesterday we also got a referral from a member. We went to meet with them that night. They weren’t home but we decided to house the whole building. We were able to find a new investigator! She opened the door and told us that she had studied with a church before but hadn’t really felt anything. At the door she had a giant cardboard cut out of an anime character that sister Carey really likes. They started talking about that and the woman let us in. She gave us cake and then we did the whole first lesson. It was really cool πŸ™‚ we were at her house for about an hour! I am really excited to meet with her again πŸ™‚

I love you all!
Love, sister Thompson

Notes from Aubree:

The ipad is so easy to study with it, I think I am in love with the gospel library app haha. Now we don’t need to carry any books, except the ones to give away. We can take pictures and videos and send them home.

Aubree in the wet weather.

Aubree in the wet weather.

Japan Week49 photo2

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The Holy Ghost :) ( Week 47)

This week went by so fast! We were able to have some really good lessons this week.

Since sister Grecco is transferring we were also able to meet with a lot of members and less actives. This week it also rained more days than it didn’t. I like the rain but it made the cherry blossoms go away faster. We were able to go look at them some more this week and it was awesome.

This week one of our lessons went really good. Our investigator had been having problems praying and recognizing the spirit. We had read some scriptures with him and discussed it but when he had prayed before he told us that he hadn’t felt anything. We then explained more about the holy ghost and how answers come. Then we invited him to pray. After he prayed he told us that he felt a quiet feeling. We then told him that that feeling was the holy ghost and it was his answer that God is there. It was really awesome because he told us that he understood.

I love you all!

Love, Sister Thompson

Aubree didn’t have much time to write this week, because of transfers. She also forgot her camera.

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