Letter From Aubree March 30, 2014

March 30, 2014
This is a letter that we received from Aubree 🙂

These past few weeks have gone by so fast. I feel like I have been here forever but it goes by fast
The other Senkyoshi (missionaries) said its like the days are weeks and the weeks are days. I wish it was a little faster though so I can get to Nihon already! We are only about halfway through our MTC stay. I’ll be really sad when it is over though because I am super close with everyone already. We were talking about meeting after our missions and we said we should meet in Brazil at the Olympics haha and then again at the Japan Olympics.
Every week we have been teaching about 5-6 lessons to our Kyudoshatachi (investigators). Now we just got another investigator so it will probably be 8-9 lessons. When I tought primary I thought it was hard to prepare 1 lesson in English and now I prepare 8-9 in straight Nihongo. When we teach our Kyudoshtachi (investigator) can’t understand English. We have three different dictionaries that we use. We have a ton of books and they all have nicknames like; Ninja, Miyagi-san, Pikachu, Charmander, Squirtel, and such. All of the Nihongo Senseitachi (teachers) call them that haha. I’ve started memorizing hymns with the Nihongo words. I t would also feel weird to pray in English because I haven’t done that since my first week here.
Schmeil Choro is super funny. Last night he told me they were going to kick me out of the district because my desk was messy. I came back and he had organized it all haha. He said that Urling Shimai’s desk is next.
I don’t know why but my skin has been super dry here, like more dry than it has ever been. I’ve been putting lotion on my legs and hands 3 times a day and it isn’t getting any better. These past few nights I put lots of lotion on my hands and then put gloves on all night and it isn’t working very well and I’m using the udder balm. The same thing is happening to Urling Shimai. Hopefully it gets better when I get to Nihon.
On Friday night the chorotachi ate Ghost Peppers. They did it at their residence so we didn’t get to watch. It was Nelson Choro, Valente Choro, and Schmeil Choro. They said it was the worst pain imaginable. They drank a bunch of milk and water and they didn’t sleep at all. They said it felt like fire traveling through them and it burned on the way out haha. They were so sick during Saturday at class.
A scripture I found today that I really like is 2 Timothy 2:3. You should read it, it helps me. Here is some Nihongo I learned.

Japanese that Aubree learned to right.

Japanese that Aubree learned to write.

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Aubree’s Mission Call

Aubree opened her mission call back on November 7, 2013. She opened it in Rexburg, Idaho with her friends and family.


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Aubree’s Pre-Mission Details

Back in late October Aubree created a Facebook Group where friends and family members could post where they thought she’d be going on her mission. A few people said Japan, and almost everyone guessed that she would be going overseas.

  • November 1st: She found out from the Bishop that she was assigned a mission.
  • November 7th: The mission call came. It had been sent to our parent’s home so that Aubree wouldn’t be tempted to open it without her family present. Our family drove from Boise to Rexburg and she opened the call… she found out she would be serving in the Nagoya, Japan mission.
  • December 1st: Aubree received her endowments in the newly renovated Boise Idaho Temple to prepare for her mission.
  • February 23rd: Aubree gave her Farewell Talk in the Star, Idaho Stake. There was also an open house at our parent’s home for friends and family to help send her off.
  • March 5th: We woke up at 4 am to prepare to drive her to the Boise, Idaho Airport. At the airport we saw a family dropping off their daughter who was headed out on a flight to the Missionary Training Center (MTC) in Mexico. We also so a family dropping off their son who was also headed to a different mission in Japan. Her Aunt Rachel picked her up at the SLC Airport and dropped her off at the MTC around 9 am.
  • March 6th: We received our first email from her and found out that her Preparation Days (P-Days) are on Thursdays.
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